Lidar 13
Debut Page 1172
Race Heloïte
Date of death Age 762
  • Unnamed wife
  • Unnamed daughter
  • Feyn (comrade)
  • Wigner (comrade)
  • Lidar is an elite soldier from the Planet Helior. He makes his debut in a special chapter telling the past of Universe 13.


    Lidar is a man of average height of a Human. He has pale tan skin with short dark brown hair. He wears the typical armor of a Heloïte soldier.


    Saiyan Invasion

    In Age 762, Lidar was assigned to defeat the Saiyan invaders, leaving his wife and child behind. Feyn, Wigner, and Lidar rush towards the Saiyans and corner them, then fire blasts at them. Lidar and his comrade witness Raditz and Kakarotto transform into Great Apes. Kakarotto fires a mouth blast at the two, but failed as the two soldiers had a shield surround them made from technology. Lidar finally met his end by his head getting bit off by Kakarotto as a Great Ape, which Nim mourned his death.