Dragon Ball Multiverse is a long running fanmade, non-profit comic based on the Japanese manga series Dragon Ball written by Salagir and depicted by numerous artists since 2008.

List of Chapters

Below is the list of chapters that follow the story's plot.

Chapter # Title
1 "A really strange tournament!"
2 "Lots of old foes here!"
3 "Uub and Buu get the honors!"
4 "Two universes in bad luck."
5 "Two giants face-to-face."
6 "Pan's first fight to the death!"
7 "The lunch break we've all waited for!"
9 "The terrifying power of the Legendary Super Saiyan!"
11 "Vegetto's last resources."
13 "What's left of a cyborg without humanity?"
15 "Double trouble"
19 "The taste of revenge"
22 "Disclosure! Hidden characters and shapes!"
24 "Saiyans, Nameks and other Demons"
26 "A good night's sleep"
28 "Off to the second round!"
31 "The warrior who used to run amok"
33 "The Turtle and the Golem! The dwarf against the giant!"
35 "XXI"
36 "The invincibility of gag manga!"
39 "The fight of the fathers"
40 "The hope for a whole universe"
42 "Enemies forever"
44 "Corruption of the absolute evil"
46 "Buu's escapades"
49 "Facing the opponent that made you who you are"
51 "Sinister creations"
53 "The new abilities of fusion"
55 "Balancing the fighters!"
58 "Drop the act!"

Between the main plot, they usually release chapters that depict the origin stories of the competing universes while mid story in order for the reader to be aware of the characters' backgrounds. The universes that have received backgrounds so far are listed below.

Universe 1

Chapter # Title
25 "Deus Ex Machina"

Universe 3

Chapter # Title
20 "Visions of the Future"
21 "The Saiyans' rebellion"
29 "Two great heroes"
30 "Puppet monster against puppet warriors"

Universe 4

Chapter # Title
45 "The rebirth of Majin Buu"

Universe 6

Chapter # Title
18 "Bojack gang's victory"
43 "Experiment subject Bojack"

Universe 7

Chapter # Title
23 "The last Namek"
41 "Collapse of an empire"

Universe 8

Chapter # Title
37 "Quest on Namek, without Vegeta!"
38 "Get the Dragon Balls back"
56 "The two last survivors"

Universe 12

Chapter # Title
10 "Trunks's new friend, created by his most hated enemy!"
32 "The Future Majin attack"

Universe 13

Chapter # Title
27 "The end of humankind"
47 "The friend"
50 "Two brothers"
52 "Dumb and dumber"

Universe 16

Chapter # Title
14 "Vegetto's heiresses"
34 "The Birth of Vegetto"
54 "Son Bra's little problem"

Universe 17

Chapter # Title
16 "Cell's fearful victory"

Universe 18

Chapter # Title
48 "Coola, the last of the Frost Demons"

Universe 20

Chapter # Title
8 "The first meeting with the Legendary Saiyan!"
12 "The return of the Legendary Saiyan!"

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