Mahissu10 color
Debut Page 42
Race Saiyan
Date of death Age 794
Family Vegeta (U10) (King)
Mahissu is an original character in Dragon Ball Multiverse, for information regarding Saiyans as they appear in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, go to Dragon Ball Wiki.

Mahissu is a warrior from Planet Vegeta, ruled by King Vegeta. He is considered one of the strongest fighters in Universe 10 and thus enters the Multiverse Tournament. Mahissu's first fight of the tournament is against Son Gokū from Universe 18. As he enters the ring, Mahissu is at first dismissive of what Gokū has become, stating that he refuses to speak to "a renegade with no tail." However, he is soon knocked out by a suppressed kiai punch from Gokū. Mahissu's very quick loss to Gokū leaves the spectators and some other participants in shock, and even prompts three Namekians from his universe to withdraw from the competition.


  • According to Salagir (P42 comments), Mahissu's name is a pun on the French word for corn, "maïs". This is a reference to all Saiyans being named after Vegetables.
  • On the novelization Chapter 54 Mahissu and the others Saiyans made a rebellion at the Vargas spaceship ordered by King Vegeta in order to dominate the Vargas and take the space travel technology for themselves, the rebellion was insuccesful and the Saiyans were defeated by the Nameks that were in the spaceship too. Mahissu and others Saiyans were the responsible to made distractions and kill as much Nameks as they could but they failed and were killed by the survivor Nameks, he was killed by a combinated energy attack of Nail and Cargo that almost entirely vaporized him.