Mary Sue
メアリー スー
Mearī Sū
Debut Page 284
Race Saiyan/Human/Namekian
  • Namekians (blood brothers)
  • Broly (father)
  • Baddack (father)
  • King Vegeta (father)
  • Bulma (sister)
  • Trunks (lover)
  • Piccolo (lover)
  • Goten (lover)
  • Vegeta (lover)
  • Mary Sue is an original creation for Dragon Ball Multiverse. She is largely considered to be a joke character, who will not have much relevance in the overall story, much like Universe 15's I'k'l.


    Mary Sue's character is a composite of various well-known Dragon Ball characters, the nature and number of relationships she has connecting her to other characters, as well as her many and varied ridiculous powers, is used to mock the "Mary Sue" concept prevalent in fanfiction, particularly Dragon Ball fanfiction. Some fans of Dragon Ball Multiverse have claimed that the Bra of Universe 16 is one such "Mary Sue" character; Salagir likely created Mary Sue as a deliberate exaggeration to counter some of these claims. Her first match was with Arale, who also hails from Mary Sue's home universe, Universe 2. Despite Mary Sue's "powers", Arale won with a single uppercut that sent her flying upwards.


    Due to being based off a Mary Sue, she has several unique abilities, along with any powers one would naturally expect from a Saiyan and a Namekian.

    Fused Character - Mary Sue is alleged to be fused with her own double from the future. This seems to be a Potara fusion as Mary Sue appears to be wearing the Potara earrings.

    Language Proficiency - Mary Sue learned from her home star system of Orion the ability to speak all languages, additionally she also has the ability to speak to animals.

    Immortality - possibly due to Universe 2's Dragon Balls, but unknown.

    Intelligence - it is alleged that Mary Sue has an I.Q. of 250.

    Psychic Abilities - it is stated that Mary Sue has the ability to enter dreams.

    Genetic Alterations - Mary Sue's genetic augmentations are never specified.


    Oozaru - Mary Sue claims that, had she looked at the full moon, instead of turning into the standard Giant Monkey that all tailed Saiyans become under the full moon's light, she would have turned into a giant Oozaru-Dragon-Octopus-Platypus.

    Ultra instinct - In the cover of Chapter 63 we see Mary sue have what looks to be Ultra Instinct


    • Gohan and the girls from Universe 6 believe that she is using some kind of magic.