Mr. Satan
Race Human
  • Videl (daughter)
  • Mr. Satan from Universe 14, or Future Mr. Satan is a character from One Way. He dyed his hair blonde and shaved his mustache. Surprisingly, he did not die by #17 nor #18 but by blowing himself up, since as he said "A world without Videl is not worth it."


    This Mr. Satan seems more caring about his own family rather than people he know for very little time, as he took the corpse of his daughter Videl leaving Gohan's corpse behind. He also prays to God.


    • Mr. Satan is seen praying to God, even though god (en. Kami) was killed when Piccolo died, and Dende did not became a God yet.
    • He shares the gag force since he's not killed by #17 & #18, but a TNT kills him.

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