Race Heloïte
  • Eleim (partner)
  • Xeniloum (partner)
  • Tidar (partner)
  • Babidi (master)
  • Naurb is one of the Heloïte fighters representing Universe 19. He came as a spectator.


    Naurb appears to be a young man with black hair with a hairstyle similar to a Saiyan. He has a slim build and wears typical armor like his comrades.

    Due to confusion about Universe 19's fighters' numbers and names, Naurb's appearance changed to that of a more muscular build, with shorter hair similar to that of Goten's.


    Considering Naurb was able to be possessed by Babidi, Naurb has at least a little bit of evil in him. He also appears to have romantic feelings for Phipsil.


    Third Round

    Naurb holds his comrades hostage after being possessed by Babidi, and resists when Phipsil tries to knock some sense into him. He later is killed by Phipsil and another comrade who resembles Xeniloum. Naurb confesses his love to Phipshil before collapsing onto the ground, having taken the lives of two other comrades with him.


    Due to possessing the Ultra Armor, Naurb is likely powerful - although his own resistance as a Heloïte is a bit futile.