Neko Majin
Neko Majin
Debut Page 150
Race NekoMajin

Neko Majin is the protagonist of Akira Toriyama's self-parody manga Neko Majin. To poke fun at his success with Dragon Ball, Toriyama titled several of the later chapters Neko Majin Z. This Neko Majin is from Universe 2, like the rest of the Toriyama-based Universe 2 characters. His first match was won by a predetermined forfeit and he lost his fight against Gotenks of Universe 18 in round 2 of the tournament. 


Round One

Neko Majin heard his name being called up only for it to become a forfeit, but he did not stop trying to get onto the ring until his friends convinced him.

Round Two

Neko Majin was called up to fight against Gotenks of Universe 18, and as Neko Majin pulled off moves like fusing with nothing in order to get "half much more power," and using "Super Suicidal "God of the Wind" Magical Cat Ghosts" as a parody of Gotenks's Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack. When he was about to get series, he asked if the audience has bet on the winner, to which they had. Neko Majin then immediately forfeits the match and walks off the platform, much to the anger of the audience.

Techniques and abilities

  • Nekohameha: Neko Majin Z's version of Kamehameha.
  • Super Neko Majin: The Neko Majin version of Super Saiyan. in the NekoMajin Z Manga after witnessing Onio go Super Saiyan he used his own "Super Saiyan" form. Used against Gotenks after performing the Fusion Dance.
  • "Meditation": Due to bordom at Gotenks' ranting, Z began "Meditating", in actuality napping.

    Super Neko Majin

  • Mimicry: The ability to copy other's abilities he used this to go Super Neko Majin after witnessing Onio go Super Saiyan, also in Multiverse he Fused with him self to get half more power.
  • Fusion Dance: He fused with him self using Mimicry to get half much more powerful but unfortantly he is right handed so he had to unfuse, since he cannot use Nekohameha Right handed.
  • Super Suicidal "God of the Wind" Magical Cat Ghosts: Z's version of the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, used to cause great damage to Gotenks. The cat ghosts sometimes forget to explode until they are reminded.


  • Neko Majin stated during his battle with Gotenks that he is right handed.