Northern Supreme Kai
NorthernKaioshin1 color
Kita no Kaiôshin
Alternate names North Supreme Kai
North Kaioshin
Debut Page 31
Race Shin-jin
Date of birth About 100 Million Before Age
  • Grand Supreme Kai (Boss)
  • Eastern Supreme Kai (Fellow Supreme Kai)
  • Southern Supreme Kai (Fellow Supreme Kai)
  • Western Supreme Kai (Fellow Supreme Kai)
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    The Northern Supreme Kai of Universe 1 is one of the highest deities in the Dragon Ball pantheon. In Universe 1, he is still alive and well, never having fought Majin Buu. He is one of the organizers of the Multiverse Tournament, and is a spectator for Universe 1.


    The Northen Supreme Kai has the exact same appearance he has in the original anime and manga.

    Overall, he ultimately resembles an elder man with a round physique and has a mustache in his face.


    Five million years ago, after the Western and Southern Supreme Kais returned from eliminating Bibidi and his possible threat to the universe, the Northen Supreme Kai was fishing alongside the Eastern and Grand Supreme Kai while the latter stated that they should take a more proactive role against any possible threat to the universe as a whole.

    Over three million years later, the Northern Supreme Kai shutted down the Demon Dimension alongside the Eastern and Western Supreme Kais.

    In 242 Before Age the Northen Supreme Kai assisted his fellow Gods in the termination of the Legendary Super Saiyan in Planet Plant. The fight against the Legendary Saiyan was so difficult that they where forced to push him to the nearby star in order to defeat him.[1]

    And in the year 712 the Northern Supreme Kai personally eliminated the Frost Demons' line of descent, easily slaying the remaining members of such race by himself.

    It was in the year 793 when all Supreme Kais where present when the Vargas offered the chance to create an inter-dimensional tournament.[2]


    First Round

    When the lunch break was finally announced, all the Supreme Kais where shown to be happily eating together.[3]

    When Vegetto was clashing against Broly, the Nothen Supreme Kai commented about the situation at hand regarding the Legendary Super Saiyan's terrifying power.[1]

    After Broly was finally defeated, the Northen and Southern Supreme Kais stated the need to permanently close the Universes once the tournament was over.[4]

    Second Round

    During the second round's lunch break, the Supreme Kai where having a conversation with Gohan regarding the existence of a Vegetto in his Universe. After Gohan stated that Vegetto somehow separated inside Buu, the Northen Supreme Kai pointed out the reason being the Supreme Kais inside Buu's body cancelling the merger.[5]

    Immediately after Buu's rampage was prevented by Gast Carcolh, the Northen Supreme Kai was in shock alongside his fellow Supreme Kais after their leader the Grand Supreme Kai stated that he will give Buu a second chance to stay at the tournament.[6]

    Much later, the Northen Supreme Kai and the Eastern Supreme Kai secretly met in order to discuss the current situation regarding their leader being so easy-going about the threat of Buu, with him stated that such actions are suspicious.[7] After stating that he could not locate any issues with their leader, both Gods conclude that Buu may be acting compliantly with the Grand Supreme Kai, but both still wonder why the Majin would do such a thing.[8]


    • In page 411 after seeing Old Kai being freed in Universe 9 from the Z sword, he suggested to do this in their universe
    • During the match King Cold Vs. Videl, he presents the theory that the Z Sword is magically protected from the Kaioshins to nominate a hero from the lower realms.