Old King Vegeta
Oldman Vegeta10 color
Bejīta-ō chōrō
Alternate names King Vegeta
Debut Page 26
Race Saiyan
  • King Vegeta (son)
  • Old King Vegeta, former King of the Saiyans from Universe 10, along with his son Vegeta and other Saiyans came to watch his son and the younger Saiyans fight for the Saiyan race and to get the wishes from the Dragon Balls.


    After shameful defeats and acknowledging the superior level of the contestants, the Saiyan group and the Old King forfeited and returned to their own universe. He was killed by his own son Vegeta during the Saiyan rebellion on the Vargas ship while they were carrying to their home universe, he yelled to his son to not transform into the spaceship cause it would open a hole on the vessel and then Vegeta with angry killed his on father saying that he made him nervous and that he was an old scum.(Part 11, Chapter 54. of the DBM novelization).

    King Vegeta's remark about his father being old scum is ironic. Considering that Saiyans stay young for 95% of their max lifespan. King Vegeta who is 102 could have been in his prime 5 years earlier. In fact, most Saiyans do not even get that old due to their nature as a warrior race. And king Vegeta only started rapidly aging once he approached 100. His statute as ex king, and the respect of his fellow Saiyans surely contributed to his survival.

    Old King Vegeta's death spared him from the cruel fate of seeing his fellow Saiyans getting killed by Hanasia from Universe 3. Ironically; when Vegeta calls him old scum; he himself is about retirement age, making him old too, if he were a Human.

    it is hinted that the only reason his son remained king, was because of the respect the Saiyans had for his father, Old King Vegeta. Killing him was a fatal mistake for Vegeta's leadership, as without his father, and after the humiliating defeat in the tournament, as well as failing to acquire space technology, his son had to deal with a rebellion, which looked like it would end with his dethronement.

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