Piccolo17 color
Race Namekian
Date of death Unknown (read article below)

This was Piccolo from Universe 17 whom fought against Cell after Gohan's death.



Wears the same clothing as he did in the Cell Games.


He made a valiant last stand along with the rest of the Z-Fighters against Cell, however, they ultimately failed, leading to a terrible slaughter of the remaining Z-fighters.


Same as the Piccolo of that time-period.


Cell's Fearful Victory

Piccolo was one of the only people to witness Cell's horrific victory and the death of Gohan. In this reality, it is possible that Piccolo and the other Z-Fighters did not intervene in the battle by attacking Cell, either hard enough or not at all. In a last-ditch effort, fueled by anger over Gohan's death, Piccolo attacked Cell with all of his might.

This was useless though, as Cell dodged their energy attacks and killed Vegeta. Despite hinting that the weakened Z-Warriors had only one chance to beat him, Cell quickly appeared behind Piccolo and mutilated him with a swipe of his arm, leaving the three strongest fighters incapacitated. While it is not shown, it is presumed that Piccolo died of his injuries without regenerating. Although, this is only speculation as both the novel and comic never actually showed his death, nor spoke of it. There is even some speculation that this Piccolo is alive, due to a panel on page 350 of DMB showing the upper torso of Piccolo's clothing seemingly abandoned while Krillin is being lifted into space by Cell. Due to Krillin's failed Kienzan strike on Cell, with an immediate retaliation from Yamcha over Tien's death, it is possible they distracted Cell and he assumed Piccolo was dead, giving Piccolo the chance to regenerate without taking the torn clothing with him, seeing as it would have served no purpose at that point.

If in fact Piccolo did die, due to his standing at that point in time, he was most likely sent to Heaven with his friends and allowed to keep his body (as he did so even during the Freeza saga).

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