Planet Vegeta

Planet Vegeta of universe 10. This planet is home of the Saiyan race.


Age 730 - The Saiyans led by King Vegeta succeeded in slaughtering all the Tsuful race but since the God Kaioshin killed Freeza and his family the Saiyans remained isolated on their own home planet in this universe.


Age 794 - After 64 years the Saiyan population is currently overcrowd according to King Vegeta jr., it exceeds 10 thousand living Saiyans, which seems to be a high number for Saiyan standards. Because of the lack of food for all of these Saiyans revolts break out every day between neighbor tribes due to the Saiyans not being farmer but warriors. In addition, they inherit none of the Tsuful technology thus they remained a technological primitive society. After King Vegeta's unsuccessful coup against the Vargas to steal their space travel technology they are now trapped on their planet where they were found thanks to the help of Nail, Cargo and the other Namekians. The planet was turned into a lava ball incapable of sustaining life by the ghost of Hanasia from universe 3.

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