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Salagir's Power Level Tier

  • SSJ2 Tier: Perfect Cell (DBZ), SSJ2 Goku (DBZ), SSJ2 Vegeta (DBZ)
  • SSJ3 Tier: SSJ3 Goku (DBZ), SSJ3 Gotenks (DBZ)
  • In-between: Mystic Gohan, Base Vegetto
  • SSJ"4" Tier: SSJ2 Son Bra
  • SSJ"5" Tier: SSJ VegettoBroly (at the beginning of his fight), SSJ3 Gotenks
  • SSJ"6" Tier: SSJ2 Vegetto, Broly (at the end of his fight), Buu U4

This is the list approved by Salagir, if you want to do changes to the power levels of DBM, then change the chart below. This list mustn't be changed, until Salagir decides to do it! 

Dragon Ball Multiverse Power Pyramid-This is a scale of strength in the same universe.

Fan-Created Power Level Chart: This list is not garuanteed to be accurate, canonical, or agreeable. This list is created through speculation and fan analysis. If you wish to argue something, do the it the "Proper way" and edit it yourself. If your edit is unsightly, it will be removed. If you wish to argue politely, use the talk page (and don't forget to sign your name).

Dragon Ball Multiverse Level Tiers (To the strongest until the weakest)

Super Saiyan "7" Tier

Super Saiyan 3 Gogeta (universe 18) ~ Super Saiyan 3 Vegetto (universe 16)

Super Saiyan "6" Tier

Super Saiyan 2 Gogeta (universe 18) ~ Super Saiyan 2 Vegetto (universe 16)
Legendary Super Saiyan Broly (universe 20) end of fight
Gast Carcolh (universe 7) full power ~ Super Buu (universe 4) full power

Super Saiyan "5" Tier

Super Perfect Cell (universe 17) full power
Super Saiyan Gogeta (universe 18) ~ Super Saiyan Vegetto (universe 16)

Legendary Super Saiyan Broly (universe 20) beginning of fight

Super Saiyan "4" Tier

Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks (universe 16/18) full power

Super Saiyan 2 Son Bra (universe 16) full power

Super Saiyan 3 Goku (universe 18) ~ Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta (universe 18)


Gogeta (universe 18) ~ Vegetto (universe 16)

Mystic Gohan (universes 16/18) full power

Super Perfect Cell (universe 17) powered up against Hirudegarn

Super Saiyan Son Bra (universe 16) full power
Super Saiyan Gotenks (universes 16/18) full power

Super Saiyan 3 Tier

Super Saiyan 3 Prince Vegeta (universe 13)
  Uub (universe 18) maximum kaioken ~ Majin Buu (universe 11)
South Supreme Kai (universe 1)
Hirudegarn (universe 3)
Neko Majin (universe 2)
Gast Carcolh (universe 7) powered up against Second Cell Junior
Super Saiyan 2 Goku (universe 18) ~ Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta (universe 18)

Super Saiyan 2 Tier

Super Saiyan 2 Prince Vegeta (universe 13)
Perfect Cell (universe 17) powered up against Super Bojack
Great Ape Super Saiyan Kakarotto (universe 13)
Ultra Super Saiyan Trunks (universe 12) (26)

Second Cell Jr (universe 17) full power

Xeniloum (universe 19) using ultra-tech war armor
Dai Supreme Kai (universe 1)

Super Saiyan Goku (universe 18) ~ Super Saiyan Vegeta (universe 18)

Full Power Super Saiyan Tier

Super Saiyan Prince Vegeta (universe 13)

Super Bojack (universe 6) full power
Perfect Cell (universe 17) suppressed at Cell Games level
Super Saiyan Trunks (universe 12)
Dabura (universe 11) full power
Super Saiyan Pan (universe 16) Son Bra (universe 16)
 Super Saiyan Kakarotto (universe 13)
 Uub (universe 18) (13)
Gotenks (universes 16/18)
Bojack (universe 6)

  Piccolo (universes 16/18) ~ Zangya (universe 6)
 First Cell Jr (universe 17)
Bido (universe 6) ~ Bujin (universe 6)

Ascended Super Saiyan Tier

Super Saiyan Trunks (universes 16/18) ~ Super Saiyan Goten (universes 16/18)

Western Supreme Kai (universe 1)
Super Saiyan Pan (universe 18) full power
King Cold (universe 8) true form's 100%
Northern Supreme Kai (universe 1)
Dr. Raichi (universe 3) full power
Android Yamcha (universe 9) full power
Eastern Supreme Kai (universe 1)
Eleim (universe 19) using ultra-tech war armor

Androids Tier

Android 16 (universe 12)
King Cold (universe 8) true form (2)
Super Saiyan Bardock (universe 3) full power (9)

Phipsil (universe 19) ~ Naurb (universe 19) ~ Magsuns (universe 19) ~ Loopwhirl (universe 19) ~ Nedwook (universe 19) all using tech war armor

Android 18 (universe 14)
King Piccolo (universe 3) full power

~ Tenshinhan (universe 9) full power

Arale (universe 2) full power

Basic Super Saiyan Tier

Tapion (universe 3) using Hirudegarn power ~ Krillin (universe 9) maximum kaioken
King Cold (universe 8) third form of restriction
Android 17 (universe 14) ~ Cooler (universe 8) ascended form
Tidar (universe 19) using old tech war armor
Goku (universe 18) ~ Vegeta (universe 18)

Frieza Tier

Frieza (universe 8) true form's full power (22) Prince Vegeta (universe 13)

Videl (universe 9) maximum kaioken
Cooler (universe 8) true form's full power (22) ~ Trunks (universe 12)
Pan (universe 16)
Kakarotto (universe 13) ~ King Cold (universe 8) second form of restriction (22)
Krillin (universe 9)
 Trunks (universes 16/18) ~ Goten (universes 16/18)' 
Great Ape Raditz (universe 13)
Great Ape Nappa (universe 13)
Pan (universe 18)

Strong Base Saiyan Tier

Bardock (universe 3)
Beelzebub (universe 2)
Videl (universe 9)
Raditz (universe 13)
Nappa (universe 13)
Sun Wukong (universe 2)
Mary Sue (universe 2)

Low Level Tier

Captain Ginyu (universe 8) ~ Salza (universe 8) (3)
Great Ape King Vegeta (universe 10)
Great Ape Bardock (universe 10)
Doore (universe 8) ~ Neiz (universe 8)
Nail (universe 10) (10)
Recoome (universe 8) ~ Jeice (universe 8) ~ Burter (universe 8)
King Vegeta (universe 10) (25)
Cargo (universe 10) ~ Kui (universe 8)
Bardock (universe 10) ~ Kat (universe 6) (7)
Mahissu (universe 10)
Former King Vegeta (universe 10)
Tapion (universe 3) (5)
Videl (universes 16/18)
Syd (universe 6)
Babidi (universe 11)
I'k'l mother (universe 15)


I, as a mod of a dbm section, take the time to ask directly Salagir about what he thinks about base saiyans power being above Freeza's level in DBM, here is the author answer about this subject:

My Question:

And one more think, if you can answer to this question of mine, I have a doubt about the base saiyans level of power in DBM, IIRC you or someone else said that you once stated that base saiyans cannot surpass the level of power of the most basic Super Saiyan or the level of power Goku displayed as a Super Saiyan on Namek and that base saiyans cannot surpass Freeza's family level of power too, is that true?The Answer:

Yes, it is what I think. I think no one is supposed to go further freeza's level, even with training. Only by "cheating" or a very few exceptions can do this. All species have their limits, and normal living beings can't go that far. Except two species :  - frost demons, the strongest species of all time  - kaioshin, who are gods  - we can add nameks, the most evolved species of all time. Only the "super" ones, who trained a great deal and are exception (aka piccolo) Other people are cheating. For exemple :  - cyborgs are unnatural robots  - humans at a very high level, with a kaioken at a very high level, can surpass that too  - the "super saiyan" state is in a fact a cheating boost that make them go past huge levels I know many people don't like that, and for this reason, I avoid pointing it out in DBM, and turn saiyens SSJ anytime they face someone "as weak as freeza", to avoid the debate. 

Here is the printscreen of the e-mail. With that being said have fun editing the table but let's respect dbm rules.


(1)= Coola in the novel makes a statement about Cold's power in his third restricted form in chapter 62 of dbm novel.

- It's impossible ... In its first form of reduction, it is beyond me ... added Coola surprised

But in the same chapter he also said: 

So at last father decides to drop his restricted power form! It's been decades since he had this form. If he and Freeza follow my example, I'll be surpassed for sure!

Implying that King Cold in this form is not actually stronger than him. However this statement can be fitted with the previous statement by having him rival Cold's third form- the difference would be such that Cooler doesn't consider Cold's third form unmanageable. 

(2)= On chapter 63 (page 412 in the manga) Piccolo U16 adds that Cold in his final form can be comparable to the androids #17 and #18 but can be too very close to Android #16 power. {C {C}- If I can trust my memories ... Piccolo began. Neither the future nor Trunks Goku would not have been able to defeat Cold if he had this form when he attacked the Earth.

- It is much stronger than his son ... concludes Gohan.
- Widely. It seems to me rather as hard as # 17 and # 18. Maybe # 16.

(3)= Gohan thoughts about Krillin power after his fight against Sauza, he makes a reference about Sauza's level:[1]

Without Goku, Earthlings would surely not have to go on Namek, Kulilin would not have proved its strength by the old Namek, while, at least 18 in their world, this was his last major rise. Tenshinhan and Yamcha and would not have driven at the same time if Kaio Goku Son was not gone before them ... So what could be the drive for Kulilin if he can beat this easily Sauza, who was obviously of the same ilk as Ginyu?

(4)= Trunks U9 about himself.

Gohan: - You too are strong? For a son of Bulma it would not surprise me actually.
Trunks: - Oh, the fight, I just stopped recently, but I was pretty good yes. I stopped at Kaïoken factor of ten.

(5)= Tapion about himself.

Tapion: - I'm not a fighter. I do not fight by force of circumstances and for my purpose. I hope not to disappoint you and provide a fair fight and interesting, slightly bowed, the young man.

(6)= Piccolo U18 about his current power.

His Goku approached him to ask him a question:
- Tell me Piccolo, Cell if the same force as when we knew him, his Junior is probably the same level too. You could beat him today?
- I have made some progress since, hoping to reach the level of Cell, but without success. But I think I can get out in front of a Junior.

(7)= Kakarotto about Kat's power:

"It is not even scratched!" she noticed hopping back to take a minimum of decline.
- You know your energy hiding, said Kakarotto, as for the compliment. Your shot was more powerful than your looks and your energy let him appear. Let's see ... Perhaps it would do you ten thousand units?

(8)= Like Krillin, Tenshinhan from universe 9 knows the kaioken as Trunks(U9) stated to Gohan on Chapter 72:

- Kaïoken? You master too? - Yes. - But, who has taught you to depart? - Master and Master Kulilin Tenshinhan. - And where they have learned? - At Kaio, who created it. Trunks said.

(9)= Goku thoughts about Bardocks power in comparison with his counterpart from universe 10:

Six spaces further, the next door Her Goku, the latter compared this Baddack of the universe 3, with that of the universe 10 with whom he had met less than two minutes. Without a doubt, one was at least two hundred times stronger than the other. But ... against him, either, it was the same: they were not very strong.

(10)= Recoome scouter calculates Nail's power level at close to 60,000:

The scouter of the Commando of Ginyu biped. He read quickly the number that was fifty-eight thousand, and it was still rising, albeit slightly: the limit was close to sixty thousand certainly.

(11)= About a Random Saiyan Great Ape's power.:

Clasped hands, he wanted to fling a mortal blow to Nail.Was it the King Vegeta who insisted win again? Or one of his warriors, as Baddack? Oozarus all looked alike ... Anyway, whether one or another Saiyan, Nail did not care. Reacting quickly, he parried the blow, although difficult. The Oozaru was visibly almost the same strength as him.

(12)= Gohan is implied to be stronger than Son Bra in her SSJ form:

After the surprise of the strength of Bra that exceed those of Pan, perhaps even Bojack, spectators and combatants-nine of the ten other spaces were amazed at the power that emanated from Gohan.
Space 19, which represented the world of "nano-warriors", a nickname they obtained from a large number of people who do not know, one of the combatants measured using a force sensor energy that seemed to come from the half-Saiyan, and which spread throughout the stadium.
- The asteroid shakes? was able to experience one of the armored warrior.
- The sensor detects a large flow of energy! replied, a little panicked, who analyzed each fighter.
4 in world, the only fighter now, arms folded, smiling:
- Ah, I see that Gohan has lost none of its strength! This is interesting!
In space 17, Cell was even more surprised. That's how strong this Gohan as an adult? What force! At the time he had been impressed by his level when he had to commit suicide. But there was still something else!
As for the Namek 7 of the universe that seemed to sleep since the world had reached 18 ... He opened his eyes for the first time, intrigued by this power.

(13)= Uub without using the kaioken is half the power of Goku using his Super Saiyan form:

The blueish-white aura surrounding Goku suddenly took on a golden hue along with his hair, and his eyes became greenish-blue. His power had not increased too dramatically, but it put his strength significantly above Uub's, who was only half as strong as Goku at that point.

(14)= Uub appears to reach the kaioken x5 until Pan shows up, making him lose his concentration:

Uub concentrated and drifted through the follwing levels of Kaioken. “Times three... Four... Five...” He continued stage by stage without rushing. This time, just as Goku wanted, Uub hoped to reach a higher level than he ever had before. For months on end he had hardened his body to be able to withstand higher levels of power. Yes... This time... He will finally surprise his master! Just a little more effort and concentration and— "What the hell?" Uub thought suddenly, breaking his concentration and power. "Grandpa!" "Hey, hey! I know that voice!" Said Goku, who also released his power looking up to the sky at the same time as Uub.

(15) Stated in the oficial DBM novel, SSJ3 is x10 more powerful than the SSJ2 form for DBM canon.

Vegetto, now in Super Saiyan 3, saw his power tenfold.

(16) Bra, probably in her SSJ2, is above Vegetto in his base form.

- Dad had never before beaten the second level. Even against Bra.
Indeed, in their world, and his daughter Vegetto Bra often fought against each other. Very often for a workout ... but sometimes because Bra was either angry or upset or ... Well in this spirit there, a contradiction. Bra had never been strong enough to compel Vegetto to go beyond the first level of Super Saiyan ...

(17)Son Goku feeling SSJ Bra's full power asked himself if the daughter of Vegetto is stronger('in raw power) 'than everyone in his group too.

(18) King Vegeta U10 states that the Oozaru 'generally' increases the power of the saiyans by 10 in the dbm novel, chapter 53.

The other Vegeta, his counterpart in the universe 18, against whom he had lost, was far more powerful than him. So by turning themselves into Oozaru, they multiplied their general powers of ten, his double had defeated one kick, without turning. It had no tail and made him morality. Again, what a humiliation!

(24) Gast Carcolh power can't be that much, there are statements on the novel that contradicts this after Cell jr.

Gast Carcolh turned to the Cell Junior and thought quickly. It could simply refuse, and return to his room, winner. But fighting was also a bit warm. It had been years since he had not fought at full capacity, this was the way to do it again.

- I agree to the fight! he cried.

  • Cell possibly being stronger than Gast?!?!

The Super Namek 7 of the universe, which was still awaiting his opponent, he immediately discovered the deception. But it was not his problem, and he did not presume to judge the actions of the creature. But something inside of him tickled. The Cell, is it possible that ...(?)

  • The Oozaru x10 multiplier in Salagir's view: *

>"In a Saiyan Oozaru becomes 10 times more powerful"

@Salagir: This statement is I think a dictionary of Dragon Ball and is completely false, completely idiotic. Indeed if this were the case, Vegeta at the time in Oozaru could do all the Ginyu squad, I do not really believe. Goku and will certainly do not have injured his eye

(19)Base Vegetto is stronger than Mystic Gohan

That's not fair!! yelled the outraged son.

It's a fight! retorted his oponent.

Gohan, annoyed to see that look of pride on his father's face, got up, ready to fight. The fact that Vegetto still was on normal mode hurt his warrior pride.

But transform!!!

Don't need to. simply replied Vegetto, as he dealt him a blow right on his face.

(20)Apparently Vegeta as a Super Saiyan 2 has a slight advantage over Goku using the same form:

"They've improved a lot." Gohan said to himself. "Very impressive."

The fight lasted for a long time. After a while, Vegeta began to gain the upper-hand, and delivered more blows than he took. Goku was losing energy, and Vegeta blocked a fire ball from Goku without even flinching.

(21) Base Bra is stronger than Base Gotenks as stated in chapter 73 of the DBM novel:

A similar problem had occurred at the table of Bra, Trunks and Goten. The two boys from u16 wanted a certain plate garnished with a delicious sauce, but Bra wouldn’t let them have it. Unable to get what they wanted separately, they had gone into hiding in their space, merged, and come back stronger. But it was in vain without turning Super Saiyan; Gotenks still couldn’t wrestle the sauce away from Bra, much to the amusement of the Trunks and Goten from universe 18. They didn’t know she was that strong!

(22) Frieza's final form is stronger than Cooler's final form and King Cold's second form of restriction as stated in chapter 63 of the DBM novel:

The work paid off: Cooler stayed in his original form day and night, but still could not beat Frieza’s ridiculous power. He was, however, stronger than his father in his second form of reduction.

(23) Zangya is significantly weaker than Super Saiyan Trunks as stated in chapter 79 0f the DBM novel:

When the latter got angry and became a real threat, powering up, she kicked Kulilin away in order to properly deal with a more worthy opponent. If Gokua had been defeated by him, it meant that Trunks could potentially be a threat to her as well. She actually found herself on the run, strategically trying to avoid her own death until Bujin could come and help.

(24) Videl using the initial level of kaioken is stronger than King Cold in his second form of restriction

"Uh oh, he's about to transform!" Yamcha said.

"I think she just lost her chance at winning, guys," Kulilin said. "If Cold had remained in this state or even his first transformed state, I think Videl would have a good chance."

"Right. Initially, she was stronger than him," Tien added. "But once Cold transforms, Videl will lose her advantage..."

(25) Ghost Hanasia from Universe 3 mentioned that the Prince Vegeta that she knew as a child was stronger than King Vegeta of Universe 10.

“My poor Vegeta,” she said. “I’ve seen you younger and cuter...and a lot stronger!


"Even so, Trunks’ base strength was very close to what Gohan’s had been when he turned into a Super Saiyan 2. "

All the powers here are guesses, don't take them as canon and even more as serious stuff.

(27) Unfortunately the power levels aren't precisely correct here, I am just multiplying other characters power levels using the Daizenshuu 7 multiplier and then doing in for the DBZ Series and then continuing from here i recommend you not view this too many times until we get more done.

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