Raditz U19
Alternate names Raditz
Debut DBM Universe 19 Novel Chapter 1
Race Saiyan
Date of birth Before Age 737
Height 6'11"
Weight 297 lbs
  • Vegeta (comrade)
  • Nappa (comrade)
  • Gokū (brother/deceased)
  • Chi-Chi (sister-in-law/deceased)
  • Gohan (nephew/deceased)
  • "I did try to motivate him, but I could not get him to budge. A waste of our time; no tail, no combativity, a real push-over! He even tried teaming up against me with a some kind of walking green slug, so I disposed of them both."
    — Raditz

    When Raditz arrived, Raditz kidnapped Gohan and proceeded to fight against Piccolo and Gokū. However, Raditz saw them all as pushovers and weaklings and killed all three of them quickly.

    A mistake as when he returned Freeza was not pleased.

    To make up for this disappointment he and his fellow Sayians; Vegeta and Nappa where send to conquer the planet Helior, under Kiwi's supervision.

    Once the Saiyans and Kiwi landed on Helior, the 3 Ultras were mobilized back to Helior to fight the invading forces Freeza sent. While there, his right foot was sliced off by Fuller. Later, after Nappa killed two of the Ultras, he attempted to redeem himself by trying his best defeat Nim, when she arrived back on Helior with Waals.

    Waals kills Raditz with his God's Blade

    Through the rainstorm occurring, his rage, and his wounds, he catches up to Nim. When Waals kills Nappa, Raditz stabs his hand through Nim's chest in rage and disbelief.

    Following the death of Nappa, and him fatally wounding Nim, he successfully creates an Artificial Moon for the first time ever. As Oozaru Raditz, he is sliced to pieces by Waals' God's Blade, un-aided by Vegeta, who could not help as he was avoiding becoming an Oozaru.

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