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Raditz is a Saiyan from Planet Vegeta in Universe 3. He is the son of Bardock and Hanansia and the older brother of Kakarot

Alternate names Raditz
Race Saiyan
Date of birth Before Age 737
Height 6'11"
Weight 297 lbs
  • Bardock (U3) (Father) 
  • Hanasia (U3) (Mother)
  • Kakarot (U3) (Brother)
  • Personality

    Unlike his counterparts, Raditz is shown to be much more carefree and easygoing, even smiling warmly shortly before killing Hoi. He also mocks the rest of the Saiyan Ghost Warriors after they were swiftly killed by Hirudegarn, teasing and laughing at them despite the seriousness of the situation.

    Raditz is also shown to be ignorant, childish and immature. An example is shown after blowing into the ocarina, he comically shows disgust, stating that he 'indirectly kissed his mother', Hanasia, since she blew the Ocarina earlier.



    In the beginning of the Universe 3 special chapter, Raditz is seen getting into a fight with other Saiyan children and, with much fatigue, winning. He reports this to his father with pride before going with him to visit his baby brother, Kakarot. Raditz's relationship with his parents has yet to be seen except that Bardock treats him more humanely than how Hanasia treats Kakarot.

    Raditz3 color

    Raditz (U3) as a Child.

    Raditz later becomes the Prince of the Saiyans after Bardock defeats King Vegeta and becomes king, when Vegeta returns from his mission he notices Raditz wearing royal clothing and threatens him before being stopped by Gerkin and told by Raditz he is no longer the Saiyan Prince. Raditz, Nappa, and Gerkin then watch as Vegeta runs away crying and screaming 'NO'.

    According to the Raditz of Universe 13, Bardock (before the divergence of Universe 3) always looked down on Raditz for being a low-level warrior.

    Raditz was later killed by Dr. Raichi along with the rest of the Saiyan Race, with the exception of his father, Bardock. Raditz was later ressurected as a Ghost Warrior to do Raichi's bidding. When Hirudegarn's bottom half was on a rampage, Raditz was summoned by Raichi to combat the monster. Although Raditz managed to kill Hirudegarn's summoner, Hoi, the mindless beast managed to kill most of the Ghost warriors. With him being the only one left, Raditz took advantage of Hirudegarn's inability to fly and played the Ocarina, sealing the beat into his body.

    Once Raichi modified Tapion's Music Box as a Sealing device, the whole of Hirudegarn was sealed within Tapion, while Raditz disappears shortly after that. 

    Multiverse Tournament

    During the battle between Vegeta (Universe 13) and Ghost Raichi (Universe 3), Ghost Raditz was summoned by Raichi alongside Ghost Nappa and Ghost Kakarot. However, Prince Vegeta defeated both Nappa and Raditz by using Dirty Fireworks on their heads.

    Homage to ARDBZ?!

    As a ghost, this Raditz shows epicness despite being Raditz (a loser)

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