Saiyans, Nameks and other Demons is the twenty-second chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse. This chapter ends the first round of the tournament along with revealing a hidden character.


A Namekian healer lifts Syd to the arena floor to face her opponent, Vegeta. She is pinned to the arena floor, due to the gravity. Vegeta boasts about his superiority to her which gives her the time to use her ability to swap both of their genders and bring both of their powers to a median, admitting her to stand. Syd was assured of her victory, but was easily defeated by Vegeta's assault on her. Vegeta then forced Syd to give Vegeta his powers back, which she had done. After, Vegeta annihilate her thus winning the match.


Vegeta killing Syd

The next match was Gast Carcolh from Universe 7 versus Cell Jr from Universe 17. Cell asks for a minute before starting the match. Cell said he was going to increase the strength of his Cell Jr, but lied as he obliterated him instead. He then created a stronger one in replacement and that one charged straight for Gast Carcolh then knocked him down. Cell Jr was immediately disqualified without touching the arena first. Everyone was debating on whether to give Cell Jr a second chance until Gast Carcolh agreed to the second chance.


Gast killing Cell jr.

After the Vargas allowed the fight despite the rule, both fighters began releasing more power. They both charged at each other with a barrage of punches and kicks whom which Gast Carcolh easily dodged. Cell Jr then float back for some distance to fire an energy wave towards Cast Carcolh. The blast proved to be ineffective as it ripped off Gast Carcolh's shirt. Cast Carcolh then shot a beam from his eye, destroying the nucleus within Cell Jr's head and instantly killing him.


King Piccolo finally revealing himself.

The last match is Beelzebub from Universe 2 against King Piccolo from Universe 3. Beelzebub shows anger of King Piccolo procclaiming himself as "The Great Demon". They both then argue about whos the eviler demon until King Piccolo unleashes an onslaught onto Beelzebub. He then fires an energy wave towards Beelzebub which he rikochets it back with his mouth, giving King Piccolo minor burns. King Piccolo then flies to the sky and finishes him off with a kick.


Freeza planning to take the Dragon Balls from the organizers during the night break.

The first round of the tournament ends and a Vargas announces that they will have a 12-hour break before the next starts. A few hours later, dinner time was called. The universes decided to eat with each other, but then returned to their own tables. The Vargas dimmed the light which unknowingly given the signal for the Cold family to begin their plan steal the Dragon Balls.


  • King Piccolo still thinks he is a demon, despite the large amount of Namekians that were seen during the tournament.

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