Alternate names
  • Thousar
  • Sauzer
  • Sauzaa
  • Sauza
  • Debut Page 141
    Race Brench-Seijin (mutant)
    Date of death Age 794 (Revived)
  • Coola (boss)
  • Neiz (comrade)
  • Dore (comrade)
  • "An old geezer... This match won't take long!"
    — Salza, before his match with Krillin, in "Pan's first fight to the death!"

    Salza (サウザー, Sauzā) is an elite soldier under the command of Coola of Universe 8. He is one of the competitors representing Universe 8.


    Salza is considered to be handsome by many. Salza is a tall humanoid alien with a muscular physique, bright blue skin and short blonde hair. He wears unique armor with one shoulder guard.


    Salza is Coola's top henchman and leader of Coola's Armored Squadron under the Planet Trade Organization. Initially, he applied to be Freeza's top henchmen along with his rival, Ginyu. After a hard-fought battle, Salza lost to the mutant, but Coola quickly placed him as his second-in-command.

    Multiverse Tournament

    First Round

    He was the only member of the Armored Squadron to take part in the tournament, where he is pitted against Krillin of Universe 9. Although confident in defeating the turtle hermit, Salza quickly realised that he was completely outclassed, being comically beaten into submission

    Krillin comments that one of his friends killed him in his youth, (tien or yamcha) and that he's an old man now, but he, Salza, is still young, commenting how unfair that is. He further calls him an eternal sucker.

    Angered at being beaten by his opponent, Salza desperately used his signature Salza Blade in an attempt to kill Krillin. However, Krillin retaliated by using his Kienzan. After a short clash of both attacks, Krillin's Kienzan brutally slices Salza in half. Before dying, Salza curses the fact that he was beaten by such a weakling.

    Second Round

    Later, Salza was summoned as a ghost by Dr. Raichi of Universe 3 alongside several other of the dead participants, to battle Prince Vegeta of Universe 13.

    He is later revived by Porunga, upon leaving his coffin, he expresses surprise at seeing Burter sitting before him, asking him if he died too, embarrassing Burter.


    Flight: The ability to levitate by manipulating one's ki.

    Salza Blade: A powerful surging purple energy blade that surrounds the user's hand. Used to counter Krillin's Destructo Disk, though it ultimately proves to be fatal.

    Tournament Battles

    • In round one of the tournament Krillin was set to fight against Salza of Universe 8. Krillin was shown to have complete control of the fight, as he parried all of Salza's attacks with ease. Krillin won the match by cutting Salza in half vertically with his Kienzan attack.
    • Ghost Salza was summoned by Raichi to fight Prince Vegeta.



    Salza was possessed by Babidi sometime after Gast Carcolh and Dr. Raichi's battle. Salza, along with Jeice and Recoome held the entire stadium as prisoners.