Senbei Norimaki
Norimaki Senbee
Alternate names Dr. Slump

Dr. Skumk
Hakase (By arale)
Doraemon (By Arale)

Debut page 422(DBM)
Race Human
Date of birth Age 716
  • Arale Norimaki (Universe 2) (creation/surrogate daughter)
  • Midori Norimaki (wife)
  • Turbo Norimaki (son)
  • Gatchans #1 & 2 (adopted sons)
  • Poop (Creation)
  • Senbei Norimaki is the creator and "father" of Arale. He is native to Universe 2 and his first appearance was on page 422 of Dragon Ball Multiverse. He is shown talking with Tori-bot, surprised that in reality the robot is the real Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball and almost everyone from Universe 2.

    He came from Universe 2 as a spectator, and so will not be participating in the tournament.


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