Son Gokū
孫 悟空
Son Gokū
Debut DBM Universe 14 (Cyborgs): One Way (Chapter 22)
Race Saiyan
Date of birth Age July 4, 737
Date of death Age 779 (time reversed death undone) Age 780 (revived)
Height 175 cm/5'9
Weight 62 kg/137 lbs.
  • Grandpa Gohan (adoptive grandfather)
  • Baddack (father)
  • Hanasia (mother)
  • Chi-Chi (wife)
  • Gohan (son)
  • Son Goku, born Kakarotto, was a Saiyan from Universe 12, from the timeline that Future Trunks is originally from. After the events on Namek and his return to Earth, he was forced to fight Freeza and his father King Cold after they invaded Earth.


    Goku killed Freeza quickly and proceeded to fight King Cold. He was winning the fight against Cold's second form until the tyrant transformed to his first restricted form (or third form), and the battle soon fell out of his favor. Gokū was almost defeated by the King, until his friends and Vegeta started to help and eventually they succeeded defeating Cold, saving the Earth from the Frost Demons.

    In a depressing turn of events, this Gokū never encountered Trunks (as he had not come back to the past in this world) and because of Trunk's absence, Gokū passed away some years later due to a viral heart disease that had no cure at this point in time, the same disease that Future Trunks would travel back in time and hand Gokū the antidote for.

    These events also happened in Universe 14 and Universe 15.