Son Gokū
Alternate names Gokū
Debut DBM Universe 19 Novel Chapter 1
Race Saiyan
Date of birth July 4, Age 737
Date of death Age 761 (12 october) (possibly revived)
Height 175 cm or 5'9"
Weight 62 kg or 137 lbs.
  • Raditz (brother)
  • Chi-Chi (wife/deceased)
  • Gohan (son/deceased)
  • "I did try to motivate him, but I could not get him to budge. A waste of our time; no tail, no combativity, a real push-over! He even tried teaming up against me with a some kind of walking green slug, so I disposed of them both."
    — Raditz

    Son Gokū of Universe 19 is identical to the Gokū of Universe 18 up until the event that Raditz arrived. Raditz kidnapped Gohan and proceeded to fight against Piccolo and Gokū. However, Raditz saw them all as pushovers and weaklings and killed all three of them quickly, thus ending Gokū's life. Raditz left Earth soon after.

    With Piccolo dead, the Earth's Dragon Balls disappeared. However it is possible that the remaining Z fighters eventually went to Namek and, as Freeza was defeated by the Heloïtes, Gokū was revived on Namek.