Syd6 color
Debut Chapter 6
Race Unknown/humanoid
  • Kat (leader/friend)
  • Jet (girlfriend)
  • May (friend)
  • Syd is a human-like girl from Universe 6. She is part of a group of what Salagir describes as "fan-service" girls. One of her friends wanted her to participate in order to deceive Bojack and his gang, who are unaware of the girl's real abilities.


    Syd is a woman with a slender build and long black hair, which she keeps in a low ponytail. She wears a sports bra-like top, exposing her midriff, and wears a miniskirt. She also wears thigh highs.


    She originally acted very ditzy, despite being cunning enough to catch Vegeta off-guard with her special power.


    The Tournament

    Syd fights Vegeta from Universe 13. As Syd quickly hears her match being called she was about to ask for a forfeit, yet her group interrupted her and asked her not to. Upon Bojack noticing their existence, they wanted her to use her power to put a scare into Bojack and his remaining crew.


    Syd is revived

    After being lifted to the arena by a Namekian helper, she commented on how she could not move under the intense gravity. Vegeta pities Syd and even offers to let her forfeit, but Syd surprises Vegeta by swapping genders with him. She expects that Vegeta, being a gender that he is not used to, would not be able to fight with her, as she is used to switching genders. She was unfortunally wrong, however, as Vegeta unleashed an onslaught of hits upon Syd, easily knocking her down. She then changed Vegeta back into a male and herself back into a female before killed by an energy blast from Vegeta, making Vegeta the winner of the match.

    Later, Syd was summoned as a ghost by Dr. Raichi of Universe 3 alongside several other of the dead participants, to battle against Prince Vegeta of Universe 13 once again.


    She lacks the ability to fly and the skill to leap very high like Kat. She also has the technique "Gender Eye," which makes her and her opponent's power equal. However, the sole example of this failed in her fight, where her opponent was still able to incapacitate her regardless of the abilities "psychological warfare". The metamorphosis is inherently painful for the victim, but is regarded as more pleasant when being reversed.


    Gender Eye: A supportive technique used by Syd. She uses this ability to swap genders with her opponent, therefore making their power equal.


    • Fans speculated that Syd's Gender Eye was merely an illusion since nobody reacted to her transformation initially, but it could be countered as it seemed Vegeta was burning in a panel before he transformed. This was solved, however, because Trunks remarks that "Fem!Vegeta" would be a "pretty" mom.


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