Debut Universe 16 Fanfic: Chapter 22
Race Kontasian
  • Minosha (brother)
  • Tapion from Universe 16. He made his debut on Universe 16 novel Chapter 22 (Attack of the Dragon Part 1/3), explaining how the events of this film occurred in universe 16, the chapter is not over yet so there is not much information up to now.


    Tapion here was released from the magic box the same way he was in the original movie due to Shenron powers since even Vegetto was incapable of open it. He, along with Vegetto and Trunks, fought against Hildegan when Hoi finally managed to released the demon, after their victory, Vegetto, Bulma, Trunks and Tapion traveled using the time machine which Cell used to came from universe 15 (Cell's future) to the past, they traveled to age 214 (in another universe) so they could save Minosha and defeat the Kashvar's sorcerers before they kill Tapion's brother, in the exactly moment they freed Minosha form his magic box Vegetto saved the boy form being smashed by th lower body part of Hildegan and them him blew up the mages, the demon and the Tapion (trapped inside his music box) from this universe, they then traveled once again to past to 425 before age on planet Konats, the Tapion and Minosha from this universe where killed inside their music boxes with by Vegetto, the versions of this Tapion and Minosha replaced them. Tapion then spent the rest of his life in his home planet, 1,000 years ago in another universe.


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