The Immortal of Pandora
The Immortal of Pandora
Debut Chapter 15 of the DBM novel
Date of birth More than 3 million years ago.

The Immortal of Pandora is an original character created for Dragon Ball Multiverse, seen in the novelization of Universe 16's backstory. The only universe he has been seen in is Universe 16 where he was considered an anomaly by Kibitoshin and the Old Kai. He came into conflict with Vegetto on Earth while seeking an opponent who could match the Immortal in battle.



The Immortal has white skin, black shorts under a blue-yellow cloth, and green boots.


He has a unique desire to die, due to his immortality.


Vegetto estimated that the Immortal of Pandora was as powerful as Cell was in his perfect form, and could have taken over the universe if Vegetto himself were not alive. The Immortal has killed other Frost Demons (like Freeza and Coola) in the past.


At first, the being known as the "Immortal of Pandora" enjoyed being immortal and constructed an empire similar to the empire of the Frost Demons. However, while witnessing the rise and fall of entire civilizations over the eons, he lost interest in living and tried to commit suicide by entering the Other World, just to be sent back by Enma. Due to his immortality, he cannot stay in the land of the dead and never shall. The Immortal also considered throwing himself into a star, but feared his survival and suffering for all eternity.

Eventually, he moved to a very cold planet orbiting a white dwarf, called Pandora. He remained here for one million years, disturbed every now and then by aliens that challenged or threatened him, including many Frost Demons. A group of aliens informed him of Vegetto, and he agreed to fight this Saiyan, while Kibitoshin would permit Vegetto to fight the immortal creature as well.

As their battle concluded, Vegetto was obviously stronger as a Super Saiyan, and the immortal begged Vegetto to kill him, or else he would destroy Earth and many others in retaliation. Vegetto struck him down with a Big Bang Kamehameha and while this destroyed the immortal's body, his voice still spoke to Vegetto, warning him that he would regenerate in due time. Vegetto was unable to strike this creature's soul, and Vegetto became impatient.

Vegetto requested the Supreme Kais develop a solution, and using an hourglass, wondered how much time he had remaining. The Elder Kai advised him that he had "nothing less" than "284" Earth years to solve this.


  • Vegetto estimated the power of the immortal at the same level as Perfect Cell during his games.