The Turtle and the Golem! The dwarf against the giant! is the thirty-first chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse. Continuing the battle Between Tapion of Universe 3 and Krillin of Universe 9.


The chapter begins with Tapion of Universe 3 against Krillin of Universe 9. Krillin charges at Tapion, while Krillin uses his turtle shell as a shield. After Tapion struggles, he decides to release Hirudegarn. Gokū of Universe 18 is shocked by this and wonders if Tapion and Hirudegarn are friends or not. Tapion states that he is only participating in the Multiverse Tournament solely for the wish of the Dragon Balls. Krillin fires a Kamehameha at the giant creature, but has no effect. Krillin then uses a Stronger Kaioken and uses Kienzan. After a while, Tapion states that Krillin getting tired, and Yamcha says it is because of old age. Krillin uses maximum Kaioken, and delivers a heavy blow to Tapion's stomach. While Tapion is in pain on the ground, Hirudegarn attacks Krillin once again. Hirudegarn overpowers Krillin, and knocks him out, making Tapion the winner of his second round. The Vargas announce a break. Gohan of Universe 16 uses this break to talk to the Supreme Kai's. The Grand Supreme Kai tells Gohan that the victims of the first and second round will be resurrected. The Grand Supreme Kai questions the Saiyan if Universe 18 had a Vegetto also, Gohan explains how they unfused. The Supreme Kai's agree that Vegetto is far too powerful, and that the Potara earrings should not be used on anyone of than Kai's. Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz appear in Universe 18's wing, explaining they came for Old Kai's unlocking potential ability. Son Gokū asks if they came for food, much to Vegeta's annoyance. Gohan asks about Kakarotto and Pan's rematch, Vegeta claims that his daughter is not harmed. Gohan tells them to not harm the Kai, otherwise they will be sent back to their universe. In Universe 8's wing, a Vargas gives Jeice, an elite soldier of Freeza's, his chocolate buns. Jeice pats the Vargas on the back and thanks him, but he accidentally put too much power into the pat. Jeice apologizes for

Freeza, wondering which body Ginyu is in.

this. In Freeza's spaceship, he planted many cameras around the stadium. Freeza questions himself which body is Captain Ginyu in. A soldier appears behind Freeza and warns him that if the camera changes universe, but there is a recorder, and they can watch it when it re-turns. Freeza begins to get paranoid, thinking that Ginyu is watching him. Old Kai looks at Universe 5's wing in fear, thinking that it is XXI, but after XXI appears, Old Kai, in relief, says it's not.