The first meeting with the Legendary Saiyan! is the eighth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the first special chapter. This chapter retells the plot of Movie 8 of the original Dragon Ball anime, except with an alternate twist. The events in this chapter has occurred in Universe 4, 6, 16, 17, 18, and 20.


The chapter starts with the Z-Fighters enjoying theselves while waiting on the Cell Games to begin. Vegeta, who recently left the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was annoyed to find out. A spaceship landed on planet Earth, with two Saiyans asking for Vegeta to reclaim his rulership on which he refuses to do so. He was then asked to defeat the Legendary Super Saiyan. Vegeta accepted the challenge and everyone went to the new planet Vegeta.A comet was coming towards planet Vegeta, which caused a Saiyan named Broly to transform into the legend Super Saiyan. Gokū's power caused Broly to go crazy to the point where he killed his own father.

Broly LSSJ

Broly, the Lengendary Super Saiyan.

None of the Z-Fighters are able to stand up to Broly's power, except Gokū. Gokū then used the rest of his power to create a Spirit Bomb, consisting of the powers of his fallen friends. Oolong who disguises himself as Broly's own father tries to distract Broly, but was unsuccessful. Gokū then throws the Spirit Bomb towards Broly. The devastating power impacts Broly and sends him flying into the comet in space, seemingly obliterating him. After the Z-Fighters celebrate their victory, Gokū uses his instant transmission to teleport everyone back to Earth.


  • A mask is see at the back of Master Roshi's head, yet it's unknown what it actually is, maybe an Oni?.
  • The main difference from the original movie is the setting and Cell being mentioned, the use of a Genkidama instead of a unexplained move and Oolong having a purpose.