The hope for a whole universe is the thirty-ninth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the second flashback.


The fight between Universe 9's Tenshinhan and Universe 4's Majin Bu begins with the latter giving a five minutes head start without retaliation, which Ten takes advantage off to use the Mafuba sealing technique to seal the Majin away, but his glory is short lived as Bu placed parts of himself everywhere, thus being impossible to completely seal away. Ten then uses the Nibaï Kikoho to obliterate the entire ring in an attempt to eliminate Bu, but to no avail, and seeing how he has no chance of winning he gives up. As a new ring is being formed the next match between Universe 16's Son Bra and Universe 19's Eleim is announced.

Bra thinks the fight will be an easy training, but her opponent's technology and cunning proves to be a bit too much for her, forcing her to fight seriously. Eleim responds by unleashing his Universe's Ultimate Weapon which they call Carbonite, a self-replicating substance that eats away anything it comes into contact with. Eleim threatens Bra to allow herself to be destroyed by his weapon or else the entire stadium will be destroyed by it, explaining his Universe's desperate situation to justify his means. Bra simply responds by offering their wishes to their Universe if they win, a sentiment echoed by Universe 18. Eleim is still sceptical, thus forcing Bra to teleport him light-years away for 30 seconds, ending their match.

Eleim loses all hope, but Universe 18 promises to grant them their wish should they win, stating that now they have the goal to fight for Universe 19. The tournament continues with Universe 8's King Cold vs Universe 3's Baddack, the latter stating that he has foreseen the Frost Demon's defeat while being interrupted by an arriving individual.

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