The warrior who used to run amok is the twenty-eighth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse. Despite the title, this chapter primarily focuses on the integrity of both Pans.


Continuing the match between Kakarotto and Pan, Kakarotto transform into a Super Saiyan. Pan powers up and charges for Kakarotto with a barrage of attacks on which Kakarotto dodged them all and countered. After Kakarotto's kicks lands, Pan falls to the ground. She gets back up and charges a Kamehameha at the berserk Kakarotto. Kakarotto attempts to stop it by binding Pan's arms, but she instead fakes it out for a feet Kamehameha. The attack was able to destroy Kakarotto's armor, but was unable to do any damage. Pan then kicks him in the face and punches him. Kakarotto goes berserk once more while pummeling the defenseless Pan. After more psychotic rambling, Pan triggers her Super Saiyan form. She then forfeits after realizing she has no chance of victory.

The next match was Cell from Universe 17 against Bojack from Universe 6. Cell, whom obviously know he would win, would asked Gohan what kind've torture to give Bojack for his daughter's death. Gohan, whom saw the other Gohan happy about his daughter's growth, would be proud of his own daughter's bravery against Bojack.

Cell arrives to the arena and Bojack powers up. Cell does the same, but Bojack is unimpressed. Bojack charges at Cell with a punch, but Cell teleports behind Bojack. Bojack realized this and fires a strong ki blast towards Cell. It proved to be ineffective as Cell gloated, so Bojack started to flail a barrage of punches at Cell. Cell grabbed his fist and delivered a heavy punch at Bojack's stomach. Bojack uses Energy Bonds on Cell to bind him, but Cell countereds with energy beams that came from his eyes. It was enough power for Cell to free himself and knock Bojack out of the arena.

Kat's friend was gloating on this on which Kat agreed on. Bujin finally comes out and tells them that he knows about their plot to kill Bojack. Bojack unluckily lands in the Universe 16 balcony while facing an angered Gohan and a vengeful Bra. Cell then comes down with a knee to the backside and finishes off Bojack. King Cold comes back with a new armor.

The next match is Tapion from Universe 3 against Krillin from Universe 9. Both fighters seemed to be unable to move from the gravity's immense weight, so they power up to stand up.


  • While chapter's archive title says "The warrior who used to run amok", the cover picture says "The warrior with murderous madness".
  • Universe 6 was eliminated in this chapter.
  • When Cell punches Bojack in the stomach, it's unkwown if Bojack thrown up or spitted out blood due to the manga's monochrome art.

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