Alternate names Mr. Tien

Ten Shinhan
3 Eyes

Race Human
  • Yamcha (friend/comrade)
  • Bulma (friend)
  • Krillin (friend/comrade)
  • Videl (friend/student)
  • Trunks (friend/student)
  • Tien is one of the Earth's fighters from Universe 9. Just like Krillin and Yamcha from their universe, he managed to help defeat the following threats from the main universe. It's unknown if Tien eventually became the Tsuru Sennin as well as what happened in regards to his relationship with Chiaotzu.

    The Tournament

    Tien joined with Krillin, Yamcha and Videl to compete in the Multiverse Tournament. He complements Krillin's one-sided fight against Salza, and teases Yamcha after his forfeit against Android 18. After Videl's match against King Cold which results in her forfeiting as well as the Old Kai being released from her broken Z Sword, Tien politely greets the Elder Kai.

    During the break after the First Round. Gokū from Universe 18 arrived and quickly socialised with everyone from Universe 9, including Tien. In his first round of the tournament, Tien fought against  Sun Wukong from Universe 2. In spite of Sun Wukong throwing a variety of moves and tricks against Tien, the fighter is able to counter all of Sun Wukong's tricks. After defeating the Monkey King, he intimidates him into leaving after attempting to fight again.

    He is scheduled to fight against Buu from Universe 4 during round 2 of the tournament.


    He looks similar to the original Tien. His facial features makes it look like he aged, but its not as noticeable as Krillin, despite Tien being older. He wears exactly the same outfit that he wore during the Fusion Saga, except his cape goes down slightly further.


    • According to the DBM official novel chapter 72, this Tien can perform the Kaioken technique, It was stated by Videl when implied by Gohan U18 how she had learned It. At one point in his history he and Krillin died, crossed the serpent way and trained under King Kai.