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Tora is a Saiyan warrior from Universe 3. He is one of Baddack's teammates and best friend. He aided in the death of Freeza in his universe. His original name is Toma, a pun on tomato.

Like his other incarnations he's a teammate of Bardock, and seemingly his second-in-command. He's the only one of his squad to wear an armor with shoulder pads. Together with the others he's on a mission on Kansassa, chatting during the flight about Bardocks family issues. After a night as Ozaru, causing death and destruction, he and the others relax and discuss, when Bardock files away after detecting a high power level. On his return he notices the strange behavior of his captain, but follows his lead back to Vegeta. Toma remains shocked at the revelation that Bardock wants to defy the king for the throne, reviving an old tradition from the old times of the Saiyan culture. Like the others he watches the fight and is proud of his boss, and accepts Bardock as the new king. He follows the orders to prepare for an offensive at Freeza and participates at the great revolution, attacking the ship as an Ozaru and helping in the defeat of Freeza.

What happens to him afterwards isn't known; as Bardock is the only surviving Saiyan he must have died, be it on mission or by the hands of Cooler or Raichi. His ghost appears in the army of the Tsufuru.