Race 1/2 Saiyan - 1/2 Human
Date of birth Age 766
Date of death Age 767
Height 171 cm or 5'6" (5'11" after training in Hyperbolic Time Chamber)
Weight 95kg or 209 lbs.
  • Vegeta (father/deceased)
  • Bulma (mother/deceased)
  • Gohan (mentor/best friend)
  • This is Trunks from an unknown universe much like Universe 12 he returned from the future to tell their friends about his victory over the Androids and Imperfect Cell and along his friends fought against Bojack and his crew at the World Martial Arts Tournament funded by X.S. Cash for his son's birthday. He was killed by them due to Gokū not intervened in this universe saving Gohan's life. He was capable of killing Gokua like the normal events shown on the movie. After seeing Son Gohan dead he promptly transformed into a USuper Saiyan but was rapidly neutralized by Bujin and Zangya, Bojack's henchmen, with their string's technique. Then he watched them his father killing Bido just to see Bojack piercing Vegeta's belly with his arm after that, killing the Saiyan, and finally they finished by killing Trunks. Due to his death in universe 6 his parallel universe split into one of where the Earth live in peace without the Androids threat but with no one left to protect it, considering that Bulma did not find Android 16 at Dr.Gero's lab.

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