Alternate names Trunks Brief
Race Human
  • Yamcha (father)
  • Bulma (mother)
  • Bra (sister)
  • Videl (wife)
  • Mr. Satan (father-in-law)
  • Unnamed son
  • Trunks is a Human character from Universe 9. He is the son of Yamcha and the Bulma from Universe 9 and is the husband of Videl. He is also a former martial arts student of the Krillin from their universe. As of now nothing else is known about him other than the fact that this incarnation of Trunks has no Saiyan blood in him. He came to the tournament as a spectator.


    • This Trunks stated to Gohan, Pan and Videl of Universe 18 that he quit the martial artist life 10 years ago and that he too is capable of perform the Kaioken, which was taught to him by Krillin, and Tienshinhan. He said that in his prime he was capable of pushing it up to 10 times. (See chapter 72)
    • He is the husband of the Videl from his universe, as confirmed in the official novelization. They both have a little son back in their universe.

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