Universe 11

Universe 11: Babidi, Fat Buu and Dabura

Universe 11 is the designation given by the Vargas. This world represents the ideal situation for the magician Babidi in which he has successfully gained control over Majin Buu.


Universe 11 diverges from the main Dragon Ball timeline sometime before the Cell Games, based on the fact that the King Kai´s planet wasn´t destroyed in this universe by Cell´s explosion and the encounter with Broly being different from the Universe 18. In this universe, Majin Buu successfully defeats all of the Z-fighters and most likely Eastern Kaioshin and is established as the strongest being in the universe. Also, Dabra manages to survive somehow. Buu also seems much more amenable to following Babidi's orders than his Universe 18 counterpart.


  • Majin Buu - This version of the fat Majin Buu remains under Babidi's influence. Majin Buu easily defeated Bujin of Universe 6 in the first round of the tournament. In the second round Buu is declared the winner after the Southern Kaioshin of Universe 1 allows himself to be absorbed in an attempt to free the Kaioshins of Universe 11 and is declared to have forfeited after remaining inside for too long. He loses to Uub of Universe 18 in round three.
  • Dabura - Demon King of the Realm of Darkness. Dabura is under the control of Babidi. Dabura faced Cell of Universe 17 in the first round and was defeated after being massively injured and exhausted.


  • Babidi - Magician, son of Bibidi, the evil wizard who originally created Majin Buu. Babidi was able to release Buu from his seal and control the Majin for his own uses. Seems to have an interest in Uub of Universe 18, however it is stated by Salagir that Babidi did not know about his heritage, so his motives for healing him are not fully known.


  • Some speculate that universe 11 might be the 'unseen' timeline, one of the four timelines created due to Trunks' time travels, the timeline in question is the one where Future Trunks along with the Z-Warriors stopped the Androids using a remote control developed by Bulma. Trunks used this same device to deactivate the Androids in his timeline (universe 12)-timeline 3, and later he was killed by Cell who used his time machine to go back to the past (universe 18)-timeline 1, (Main timeline-up to Buu, etc.), in order to absorb the Androids of that timeline.


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