Universe 12

Universe 12: Future Trunks and Android #16

Universe 12 is the designation given to this universe by the Vargas of Universe 1. It's the alternate future from which Trunks came in the main series in order to save Son Gokū and stop the threat of the Androids.

Trunks's time travel results in the creation several other universes: Universe 4, Universe 6, Universe 11, Universe 16, Universe 17, Universe 18, and Universe 20 all splinter off of Universe 12 as a result of Trunks' changing of his history.

In this universe, all of the Z-fighters except for Trunks are killed by Androids #17 & #18 (with the exception of Gokū, who had earlier died of a heart condition). After traveling back to his own time, Trunks used the power-ups he gained while training with Vegeta in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to destroy the Androids.

Three years later, Trunks destroys Cell who is attempting to steal Trunks's time machine to go back in time and absorb #17 & #18. In the year Age 790 Trunks, knowing the location of Dr. Gero's secret hidden laboratory from his trips to the past, finds the pod containing Artificial Human #16. After demonstrating his superior power, Trunks offers #16 the chance to help him restore the world to a state of peace and happiness.


Technically, this is the "original" universe of the manga, however, in DBM, this may not be the case. For the time being, due to this universe being canon-complacent, there are no actual "divergences".


  • U12
    Trunks - Son of Vegeta and Bulma. Travelled back in time to discover a way to destroy the Androids that nearly destroyed his world. Fought alongside the Z-fighters against Cell. Works to restore the planet back in his own time. In his first round fight, Trunks defeated Universe 8's Coola in his 5th form, declaring him not worthy of killing. In his second round bout, he is slated to fight his father.
  • Android 16 - In Universe 12, #16 was discovered by Trunks in the year 790. Trunks convinces #16 to help him restore the planet. The #16 of Universe 12 shares many qualities with his Universe 18 counterpart. 16 fought against Eleim from Universe 19 in his first round, but he surrendered after Eleim acknowledged him as a "person" and not a "thing", preventing 16's own destruction in turn.


There are no Spectators for this universe.


  • It was noted by Salagir that in his interpretation, when Trunks traveled back in time, he created different "universes", rather than the more popularly referred to "timelines". (P41 comments)