Universe 12: Trunks's new friend, created by his most hated enemy! is the tenth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the second special chapter. This story focuses on the backstory of Universe 12 on which Trunks rediscovers Android 16. It was drawn by Gothax.


Trunks returns to Dr. Gero's laboratory and enters reluctantly. After not much searching he finds and opens a capsule which contains a deactivated Android 16. A few days later, Bulma reactivates him. Trunks then calls out Android 16's name and he responds to it; only his head is activated, the rest of the body is paralyzed. Trunks tells the news of Gokū's death and demands a response about his reaction, which is satisfying. Then he then asks Android 16 if he would protect the life of Earth and the survivors living on it, the crucial question. To make a point Trunks then transforms into a Ultra Super Saiyan and tells Android 16 that he's stronger than him and if he knows that. 16 nods affirmative, and understands that it's a warning to not do strange things.

Trunks U12

Satisfied Trunks reverts and makes a deal with Android 16: Bulma will repair him, in exchange of his word to protect life. Android 16 accepts the offer with a smile. Trunks also stated that he will destroy Android 16 if he would harm any humans, which he also accepts. The chapter ends with Android 16 being rebuilt.

Characters involved:

  • Trunks, Bulma and Android 16

Universes involved:

  • Universe 12

Important events:

  • Trunks finds and repairs Android 16
  • Trunks and Android 16 make a deal to rebuilt their world.