Universe 13: The Super Saiyans' empire

Universe 13 is the designation given to this universe by the Vargas. In Universe 13, Vegeta was the one to unlock the secret behind the Super Saiyan transformation, and had Kakarotto, Raditz, and Nappa at his side.


Age 738 - The appearance of the Saiyans on Earth was not surprising for them; Kakarotto, now an adult, had slaughtered all of the humans on Earth and returned with them to continue their space conquest.

Being that Kakarotto never hit his head as a baby, he never adopted the personality of his double, Son Gokū, and accomplished his original purpose as planned. Judging from Kakarotto's knowledge of the Dragon Balls, but lack of obtaining them, he may have killed Bulma or Kami before the Balls could be located.

According to a rejected special chapter for Universe 13, Freeza learned about the Namekian Dragon Balls from Lord Slug, who he encountered and killed.

The Saiyans would travel to Namek in search of those Dragon Balls with no success. On Namek, Prince Vegeta discovered the secret of the Super Saiyan form, destroying Freeza and his men. After Kakarotto became a Super Saiyan as well, the Saiyans most likely dominated the remainder of their universe, killing the rest of Freeza's family despite not getting their wish from the Dragon Balls. It´s insinuated that in some point encountered Broly and probably fought against him.





  • Kakarotto appears to be quite smart in this universe, having the revolutionary idea to use Blutz Wave lamps implanted in the eye sockets.
  • Up until Vegeta's death in the tournament and subsequent resurrection, it is believed he has never been beaten before, and as a matter of fact, he never died because his universe has no Dragon Balls. This in contrast to Gokū and Vegeta, who each died 2 times, although the second was a sacrifice for both of them and the first was one too for Gokū.
  • This is the only universe that has either a Super Saiyan 2 or Super Saiyan 3, apart from 20, 18, 16, 17, 6, and 4. In all other universes, Super Saiyan is never achieved or no one makes it past the first level.