Universe 13: Dumb and dumber is the fifty-second chapter of the Dragon Ball Multiverse manga. It was drawn by Ouv and colored by Moon.

A few weeks after Kakaroths and Raditz' attack on Helior they still hide to permit Kakaroths injuries to heal. When the Saiyan is fully healed, they restart their attack, causing enormous destruction and death.

The Heloite government sends out four other Ultras to stop the invaders: Captain Wigner, Nim, Lidar and Dirac, and in their first confrontation they manage to scare them away. While Wigner and Nim start to kill the freshly grown Saibaimen, Lidar and Dirac follow the Saiyans and remain shocked at their transformation into Ozaru. The two Ultra try to lure the enemy away from the city, but Raditz teaches his brother that civilizes make perfect shields and they do the opposite.

Seeing this Wigner sends Nim to help their comrades, but the woman arrives too late and witnesses Lidar being devoured by the Great Ape. With all her anger she attacks the Saiyan, and manages to make him fall over. Wigner, who managed to kill all the Saibamen, shots Kakaroth with his Ultra-weaver, injuring him. His superior scolds him for using that in the middle of the city, but the Ultras answers that it's the only weapon that works on them. Dirac follows the order to shoot the other ape and burns Raditz's tail, forcing him back to normal. The big Ultra sends the message that the tail is their weak point, so Wigner an Nim prepare themselves to blast Kakaroth, but the Saiyan reacts by shooting a massive beam up in the sky, destroying the solar ring. It's fragments crash into the surface, causing enormous destruction and the death of almost the whole population. Exhausted Kakaroth returns normal after having protected his brother with his body, surprising Raditz. While the older Saiyan talks to wake the younger, Wigner, one of the few survivors, tries to shot a last time from behind, but gets his head stomped by the newly arrived Vegeta.

Now cast in darkness and cold Helior has lost it's sun and his value, and the Saiyan prince reacts with anger at the declaration of Kakaroth that he sees the mission as "success". Nice first meeting...

Characters involved:

  • Kakaroth, Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta (universe 13)
  • Heloite civilians, Heloite General, Ultras: Wigner, Nim, Lidar and Dirac (Universe 13)

Universes involved:

  • Universe 13

Important events:

  • Kakaroth and Raditz fight the Ultras, and destroy Heliors value
  • Vegeta meets Kakaroth for the first time