Universe 13: The end of humankind is the twenty-seventh chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the eleventh special chapter. It focuses on Universe 13 where Raditz comes to recover his brother, Kakarotto.


Raditz's ship is nearing towards Earth. Tien and Yamcha was searching for Kakarotto whom recently destroyed a town. Raditz arrives on Earth and Tien and Yamcha head to him, believing it was Kakarotto. Raditz noticed this and awaited there arrival. As the landed, Yamcha aggressively asked who he was. Raditz does not give a straight answer and instead charged for both of them. They counter by blasting him, which had no effect. Raditz then punched Yamcha, but Yamcha blocked it. They then have a clash, until Yamcha used his Wolf Fang Fist. Raditz managed to dodge it and smash Yamcha in both his chest and arm, sending him flying. Tien rushes to aid Yamcha, but Yamcha warns him to run before he charges at Raditz once more. He attempts to punch Raditz, but Raditz ducked to dodge. Raditz rises up and delivers a powerful punch to Yamcha, sending him flying again. Tien then repetitively fires multiple Tri Beams behind Raditz.

Meanwhile, Kakarotto is sitting alone in a forest, pondering on his apparent solitude lifestyle. After killing a nearby deer, he rushes towards Tien, Yamcha, and Raditz. Tien fails to defeat Raditz and dies. His last words was to tell Yamcha to run. Yamcha then does so, with Raditz following behind. Yamcha hides from Raditz, but he blasts him out of hiding. Kakarotto then appears out of nowhere and bites Yamcha's arm, then headbutts him. Yamcha lays there in the rubble of his own sliding, while Kakarotto charges for him. Raditz then obliterates Yamcha, before Kakarotto could attack him. From Kakarotto's disappointment, he then attacks Raditz. Raditz attempts to punch Kakarotto before he gets the chance to do so, but Kakarotto catches his punch and then kicks him in the rear followed by a mouth blast. Raditz then reappears and punches Kakarotto in the stomach, leaving him unconscious from the sheer force. Raditz then throws Kakarotto in the inside space pod and goes inside his own. The two then blasted off Earth to reunite with the rest of the squad.


  • It's unclear if Tien's death was cause by either him exhausting his life energy with the Tri Beam or Raditz blasting him.
  • It's also unclear if the entire Earthling population was eridicated by Kakarotto. Raditz seemed to not scan any living humans other than Yamcha and Tien whom was nearby, but both of them were still searching for any civilization survivors.

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