Universe 13 Origins - The friend is the forty-seventh chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the twenty-first special chapter. It's drawn by Scarz and Gokuten.


In the year 751 a village on Earth is destroyed yet again by an unknown monster. Master Muten and his pupil Krillin arrive on the scene to investigate, the old master understands that it's the purpose of this monster to kill as much humans as possible, but this time it wasn't able to complete his task. So he sends Krillin out to search for survivors, and in fact he finds a young boy lying under a tree. The boy is dreaming about his mother and his harsh training, when he's waken up by the newcomer who he believes being a turtle, not a human.

Krillin invites the boy, who introduces himself as Kakarotto, to wash up in a near river and they have some fun together. The Saiyan still believes Krillin to be just a turtle, so he tries to convince himself that he doesn't have to kill him and be alone again. In the meantime Muten discovers the corpse of a participant of the World Tournament he fought against and that he was killed by the hands of a person, not a monster. The one controlling it? While finding a strange thing that resembles a tail Krillin arrives with the only survivor, but when the boy notices that they are indeed humans to jumps to the attack.

Being a martial artist Muten manages to fight the Saiyan and understands that the boy is somehow that monster, like a werewolf. Krillin wants to stop Kakarotto, but to save him from the fury Muten knocks him out. But while discussion about what to do Kakarotto jumps up and flees to a cavern. The humans follow him, and Muten understands that this must be a trap. Reluctantly he enters the cavern, where he must fight the Saiyan in complete darkness. The fight is violent and brutal, and being at disadvantage Muten looses even with the use of the Kamehameha. At the end Kakarotto comes out, badly hurt, while pulling out the deceased Muten. Krillin cries out in despair and anger, and curses the young Saiyan, who answers that killing humans is his mission. After Kakarotto being gone the young boy vows to kill Kakarotto to save humanity.

Characters involved:

  • Muten, Krilin
  • Kakarotto
  • unnamed tournament participant

Important events

  • Krilin and Kakarotto meet
  • Muten and Kakarotto fight
  • Kakarotto kills Muten