Universe 16.2 is a place holder for a universe created by the DBM Universe 16 novel.


Age -425 The 3rd Mai, 9 p.m.

or called in its time; 14th Wintrimber, year 48 of the dynasty of Karam XII, hour of the roaster.

After Hildegan was sealed but before the high priest of the Konatsians to scatter the two sealed music boxes through there universe.

Vegetto, Trunks, Tapion appeared traveling from Universe 16.1 taking it's Minoshia with them

After Vegetto destroyed the two music box containing this universe Tapion and Minoshia. He destroyed the Evil cult. Before return with Trunks to his original Universe.

Tapion (Universe 16) and Minosha (Universe 16.1) remained to life there lives in this universe.

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