Universe 16: The Birth of Vegetto is the thirty-fourth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the fifteenth special chapter.


Buu sings victory while Vegetto decides to retain his shield inside Buu's body to look for his friends, finding and freeing them from Buu's system. Vegetto notices that Buu's power drops dramatically and looks for a way out, but Buu appears inside his own body and threatened Vegetto for removing the bodies he absorbed. The fused Saiyan tries to destroy Buu from the inside to no avail, with Buu stating that he's still strong enough to retain a miniaturized Vegetto inside him. In response Vegetto wants to weaken Buu even more by removing the benevolent Bu that was previously absorbed, resulting in an abrupt transformation that gives Vegetto the chance to escape with his released friends.

Vegetto notices that Buu is now weaker than before, but has lost all reason and intelligence, thus prompting Vegetto to finish Buu quickly, making swift work of the Majin and saving the Universe from its threat. The damage to the Earth and the lost lives were restored through the Dragon Balls, but neither Goku nor Vegeta could return with Vegetto remaining in their place. Chi-Chi decided to allow Bulma to keep her husband, since she was already accustomed to a life without Goku. Years went by and Vegetto became father of a their daughter they named Bra, a daughter who became his disciple alongside Gohan's own daughter Pan, thus starting a new chapter in Vegetto's life.


  • Vegetto fights inside of Buu's head, but when he launches a ki blast, it exits through Buu's chest.

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