Universe 18

Universe 18: Dragon Ball Z, 10 years after its end in Age 794.

Universe 18 is the mainstream universe of Dragon Ball Z, in which all events that took place in the manga happened without any kind of unexpected event changing history. As it was the 17th new universe discovered by the Vargas of Universe 1, it was given the designation Universe 18.


This universe diverges from Universe 12, however, this can also be seen as not a divergence, since this universe is basically the main and canon way the events were supposed to unfold. This is the universe the original manga and anime series follow. In this universe, Gokū hit his head as a child and lost all memory of his mission to kill all living things on Earth, Freeza and his King Cold were destoyed by Future Trunks and not Gokū, Gokū did not succumb to the Heart Virus and the Androids did not murder the Z-Fighters, saving the Earth from an apocalypse in the process. Super Perfect Cell was destroyed with the combined efforts of the Z-Fighters, 7 years later, the ensuing battle with Babidi and Majin Buu ended in victory for the Z-Fighters, and 10 years after this encounter, Gokū fights Uub in the World Martial Arts Tournament, thus bringing an end to the Dragon Ball Manga. Ten years after these events, a mysterious alien race calling themselves Vargas arrived and offered the current Z-Fighters an opportunity to compete in a multi-universal tournament with the prize of 3 wishes.

The Z-Warriors, interested in testing their abilities against strong opponents, accepted and traveled with the Vargas to a lifeless universe where they would participate in a tournament between twenty different universes, encountering old and new foes at every turn, including alternate versions of themselves.


  • Son Gokū - Son of Baddack. Gokū's first match was against Mahissu, a "primitive" Saiyan from Universe 10, Gokū won the match easily. In the second round, Gokū faced #17 of Universe 14, easily winning the match with a single hit after transforming into the basic level of Super Saiyan. In the third round, he fought Freeza of Universe 8, who used a strange power given to him by Buu. Using this power, Gokū and Freeza were transported to "Freeza's Place" where both of them aged rapidly, and had little oxygen. Moments from losing, Gokū defeats Freeza in the mental battle, and in real life with a swift punch.
  • Gotenks - The result of the Fusion Dance between Son Goten and Trunks. Gotenks was victorious against his Universe 16 counterpart, after each Gotenks unfused back into Goten and Trunks, Universe 18's Trunks knocked out his Universe 16 counterpart, this prompted a tired Universe 16's Goten to forfeit.
  • Vegeta - Former prince of the Saiyan race, son of King Vegeta. Vegeta won his first match of the tournament against his own counterpart from Universe 10, King Vegeta, mocking how weak he was and being thankful that he hadn´t become king of a planet named after him, and even thankful to Freeza for giving him the chance to find inner peace on Earth. Vegeta's second round match was against Future Trunks of Universe 12, Vegeta's son from a future alternate timeline where the Androids decimated the Earth for over a decade. Vegeta won due to Future Trunks´s inability to transform into a Super Saiyan 2, despite his victory and the fact that he was holding back, Vegeta showed great pride in his son´s power and ability to master the previously disadvantegous Ultra Super Saiyan sub-form. Vegeta then fought Kakarotto from Universe 13, who despite using his Golden Great Ape transformation, was easily defeated by Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta.
  • Son Pan- Daughter of Son Gohan and Videl Satan. Pan won her first round match against Universe 10's Baddack. Pan's second scheduled match is against Kakarotto of Universe 13; however, after seeing her counterpart who can transform into a Super Saiyan(unlike her) from Universe 16 being killed by the Universe 6 fighter, Bojack, Pan expresses reluctance in continuing with the tournament, however, Vegeta shows his confidence in Pan´s ability to win, which ignites a new resolve in Pan to win her match. She begins to lose against her alternate universe grandfather, and transforms into a Super Saiyan. She then gives up the fight, vowing she will soon become stronger then Kakarotto.
  • Uub - Reincarnation of the original Pure Majin Buu. Uub won his first round bout, vaporizing Universe 19's Tidar, but not without the loss of his right arm. Fortunately for Uub, Super Buu healed him, due to feeling a connection with him and the basically the rest of Universe 18, since most of them are absorbed inside him. Uub has already won his second round match against Universe 10's Nail by default, Nail having surrendered with the rest of his universe. Uub's next match was against Universe 11's Majin Buu, who he was barley able to defeat by hiding Buu out of sight for 30 seconds.



  • The official designation for this universe in the Varga mainframe is universe #5098487923674.
  • According to the faqs page on the Dragon Ball Multiverse website. Some events that happened in the official franchise were removed from universe 18's history on Dragon Ball Multiverse due to the authors view of canon such as the latest movies 'Battle of Gods' and 'Resurrection 'F', Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball GT (Due to their dislike of the series).


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