Universe 3: Puppet monster against puppet warriors is the thirtieth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the thirteenth special chapter. This continues the battle of Tapion, Dr. Raichi, and his ghost warriors versus Hildegan.



The Kashvars created Hildegan to conquer the universe, but it was sliced in half and sealed it into Tapion and his younger brother, Minotia. They both then sealed themselves into the box. Hundreds of years later, a group of Kashvar magicians unsealed Minotia and the lower half of Hildegan. Minotia was then stomped to death by it. The magicians were about to seal it inside of Hoi, but King Cold's army attacked and imprisoned Hoi. Hoi escaped and went on a quest to unseal the box, but died.

In Universe 16 and 18, he was killed on Earth.
In Universe 3, he was killed by Raditz.
In the other universes, he failed his quest and died alone.

Main Plot

Back in present time, Dr. Raichi already figured out how to seal Hildegan and sent the memory of the ocarina's melody to Hanasia. Another Saiyan was defeated by Hildegan's tail. They blasted Hildegan, but it was ineffective. Hildegan attempts to call for his other half inside Tapion, but he tries to keep it in. Hildegan nearly defeats Raditz, but Hanasia halts it by playing the melody from the ocarina. Hanasia knew she was about to be defeated by Hildegan's tail so she dropped the ocarina before she was. Tapion could not hold in Hildegan anymore and the other half of it was about to be summoned. Gerkin was next to be defeated by Hildegan.

Raditz finds the ocarina and flies higher to not be defeated like the other Saiyans. He played the sealing melody and sealed Hildegan in himself. Tapion then told Dr. Raichi that Hildegan will be freed and become even stronger. Dr. Raichi created a device from the music box as a bracelet for Tapion to be used freely. Days later, Raditz disappeared and Hildegan was freed, but was sealed back into Tapion. Years later, Tapion travelled to multiple places and met new friends while Dr. Raichi was unable to forget his hatred and never found peace. Eventually, the Vargas arrived to offer Tapion and Dr. Raichi to join their tournament. Tapion entered on the terms of the Dragon Balls will revive Minotia while Dr. Raichi declined the offer. Tapion asked who else is entering and Vargas went by the list on which some were Saiyans. Dr. Raichi entered on the plan to eradicate the Saiyans. The Vargas then pick up King Piccolo and Baddack.


  • It was told in Chapter 14 that Vegetto defeated all the evil forces in the universe, meaning Hoi should be dead before reach Earth in Universe 16.
  • Tapion claimed that Dr. Raichi was stronger than him, it's unkwown if this is true or not.

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