Universe 3: The Saiyans' rebellion is the twenty-first chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the eighth special chapter. This chapter concludes the two part special of an alternate timeline from the movie "Bardock - The Father of Goku".


King Vegeta was in the middle of discussing to kill Broly. Baddack interrupts to tell the king that Freeza was coming to genocide and destroy the planet. No one believes him so he challenges the king to claim rulership. The Saiyan elites intervene to challenge Baddack instead, but King Vegeta accepts the challenge.

King Vegeta throws a punch at Baddack, but Baddack blocks and delivers his own punch which knocks him back a bit. King Vegeta flies up and charges at Baddack to send a ki blast towards him. Baddack deflects but was unable to react to the knee to the face. He attempts to punch Baddack again and failed again. Baddack then fires a ki blast toward King Vegeta, but dodges by barely. King Vegeta was planning to blast Baddack, but Baddack dashes towards King Vegeta to punch him in the jaw and finishes him off with a blast.

As Saiyans celebrate Baddack's victory, other Saiyans rush to challenge him. Baddack then states that no one is able to challenge him before a week. He then tells his plan against his rebellion against Freeza and all the Saiyans gathered towards Desert City. As Baddack orders Hanasia to stop Freeza's ship, Baddack the orders every Saiyan to send a projected moon to space and activate it. After transforming into Oozarus, they charge towards space and wait for Hanasia to disable the shields.

Hanasia was able to break through the shields and pierce through Freeza's ship. Freeza notices the Oozarus went into space and orders his troops to kill them. Hanasia flies around trying to find the engine room, but Dodoria intervenes and fires a blast towards her. Hanasia dodges and punches Dodoria whom punches back then grabs her to bind her. She then releases a mouth blast to escape.

Freeza and his men notice that nearly his entire army is depleted so Freeza decides its time to use his full power. Dodoria catches up to Hanasia, but Hanasia transforms into an Oozaru to destroy most of the ship. As she escapes, the Saiyans all shot multiple mouth blasts towards Freeza's ship. Freeza transforms into his next form but was not enough to stop him from obliteration. As the Saiyans celebrate their victory, Hanasia asks whether they should send their son off or not. Baddack rejects since him and the rest of the Saiyans does not need to follow Freeza's orders anymore.

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