Universe 3: Two great heroes is the twenty-ninth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the twelfth special. It focuses on how Tapion and Dr. Raichi met in Universe 3.


On the planet Zioga 3, Hoi travels there and enters Dr. Raichi's laboratory. He then confrnont Dr. Raichi himself and convinces him to open his music box. Hoi explained how Tapion's heroism was similar to Dr. Raichi's for genociding the Saiyans. Dr. Raichi decided to challenge himself by opening the music box. He was successful and ended up freeing Tapion from the box. Tapion angrily lashed out on why he was freed. Hoi then attempts to flee, but Dr. Raichi close his automactic doors. Tapion noticed that Hoi was about to summon Hildegan, so he pulled out his ocarina to stop it from being fully summoned. Huridegarn then lashed his tail out towards Tapion's direction and caused the ceiling to fall on both him and Dr. Raichi. Tapion was knocked out, but Dr. Raichi placed an energy barrier to surround him.

For the destruction of his lab, Dr. Raichi retaliated by summoning ghost warriors of Saiyan whom he had killed in the past to be his slaves. Kakarotto attemptted to Hoi, but he was defeated by the stab of Hildegan's tail. Hanasia then orders all the Saiyan to defeat Hildegan first and then all charged at it. One Saiyan blasts Hildegan back causing it to slide back a bit. Hildegan then stabbed the Saiyan with its tail and defeated her. Hoi tries to escape, but Raditz comes by and obliterates him. After another Saiyan is defeated, Hanasia warns Raditz about Hildegan's strength. Tapion awakes and tries to grab his ocarina, but Dr. Raichi halts him from doing so to ask him his relation to Hildegan. He then says that the other half is inside of him which interests Dr. Raichi.

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