Universe 7: Collapse of an empire is the forty-first chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the eighteenth special chapter.


On the far planet of Icarion, Prince Coola is taking over the entire planet in order to save its universal knowledge for personal use. As he clarifies the situation to the planet's Great Sage, Sauza alerts him of the arrival of Prince Freeza's ship, questioning the reports of the latter's demise, but Coola is certain his brother is dead, assuming the one in said ship is either a thief or Freeza's murderer. Coola demands the individual to reveal if he killed Freeza, but Gast simply threatens Coola to not challenge him, prompting Sauza to assault him to no avail as the Super Namek easily wiped out the entire Squad alongside Coola himself.

Gast enters the city and explains his situation to the Sages, who explain that even though they will look for a solution to his problem, King Cold's rage and sorrow towards his sons' deaths will bring death to the universe and planet Icarion's knowledge, thus forcing Gast to find and destroy him, taking with him a young Almecian to accompany him. As they leave, Gast forces Vegeta and Kiwi to guide them to their Emperor, arriving in his capital planet where the later was waiting for him in his Original Form.

The battle between the two nearly destroys the planet, but Gast manages to resist Cold long enough for the Frost Demon to charge a final attack. Meanwhile, Vegeta and Kiwi who where set free by Ghast desperately look for and locate a single escaping pod, to which Vegeta mercilessly murders Kiwi in order to be the only one who manages to escape. Back on the battlefield Cold launches his Ultimate Attack, but Ghast is able of absorbing its impact, leaving Cold tired and at the Super Namek's mercy who finally destroys the last remaining Frost Demon in the universe. After they return to Icarion the sages offer Ghast sanctuary in their city, vowing to search for his answers until they find them as gratitude towards him, thus finally giving Ghast a semblance of peace and time to revive his people.

Four months later, Vegeta who unlocked the power of the Super Saiyan singlehandedly defeated the Ginyu Squad, Freeza's highest elite. But the Saiyan Prince finds himself dumbfounded of how minuscule is the Super Saiyan's power in comparison to the Super Namek's.


  • There are a few artistic errors during the fight between Gast and Cold: When Cold begins charging his Ultimate Attack in the Page 923, he charges it with his left hand. In the next Page 924, it is shown being charged with his right hand. In Page 926 it's shown with his left hand again, with his right hand again in Page 927, and in Page 928 it's thrown with his left hand.

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