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Universe 8

Universe 8: Frost Demons' World Trade Organization

Universe 8 was the seventh universe found by the multiverse-crossing Vargas of Universe 1, Frieza's Empire is the strongest force in the universe and his family rules the universe with an iron fist. Frieza, Cooler, and King Cold are participating in the tournament in an attempt to win the wish for immortality that was denied to them in their own universe.


Age 762 - A changing element made the battle on Namek take an ugly turn, Krillin not responding in time to Goku's request for him to spare Vegeta's life after he was crushed by Gohan in his Great Ape Form leads to all of the Z Fighters perishing. Though some members of Frieza's organization are not seen, like Dodoria and Zarbon who were killed by Nail and Gohan respectively, many other members of Frieza's army, like Appule and Cui, managed to survive. Most notably, although most of the members of the Ginyu Force have come to the tournament, Captain Ginyu himself was not present due to being killed by the Frieza of this universe 30 years prior to the arrival of the Vargas in the universe.

However, things are not as they seem, as it is revealed that Ginyu managed to switch bodies with a member of Frieza's forces after his injured body was being carried away by Appule. It is currently unknown which body Ginyu switched into, as Frieza himself is unaware, while Buu is aware of who and where Ginyu is.

On Cooler's side of things two members of his Armored Squadron, Doore and Neiz, are also missing, though their compatriot Salza is involved in the tournament.

In any event, the members of Frieza's organization that did survive managed to kill all of the Namekians (indirectly thwarting Frieza's own wish for immortality). Frieza had somehow managed to kill Goku and Gohan. Zarbon killed Krillin in this universe. This had to be done before Goku became a Super Saiyan.

Piccolo guessed that Frieza and his family have little desire to train, believing it likely that everyone from this universe has roughly the same power levels as their counterparts from the events on Planet Namek in Universe 18.

Timeline (guessed)

  • Pre-Age 737 - The event that made Frieza and Cooler rivals never happened, and they have a better sibling relationship.
  • Age 762 - Frieza went to Namek to gather the Dragon Balls and slaughter the Namekians, after losing the Dragon Balls, Frieza destroyed most of the planet. The PTO took an unknown Saiyan as a hostage who after a time destroyed Frieza's empire capital city where he was held as a prisoner, Frieza and his army fought and killed the Saiyan, though notably Zarbon, Dodoria, and Guldo died in battle.
  • Age 762 to 794 - During the 32 years gap between Namek events and the Vargas' arrival in this universe, the Frost Demons most likely expanded even more their territory, power and influence. With the defeat of the Z-Warriors, probably even Planet Earth was conquered and attached to Frieza's empire or sold to other rich aliens by now. At some point Dore and Neiz were killed, possibly during the battle on Frieza's capital.
  • Age 794 - The Vargas arrive in this universe and invite the Frost Demons to the multiversal tournament.

Known Competitors

  • Frieza - Along with his brother Cooler, heir to King Cold's empire and leader of his own Planetary Trade Organization. Freeza's first match was against Jeice, also of Universe 8. With a glance and a smirk to his subordinate, the match was over before it began. Frieza was matched against Universe 13's Nappa, though Nappa forefeited. He enjoys torturing cooler. And somewhat admires his father.
  • King Cold - Ruler of an empire spanning all of Universe 8, and father of Frieza and Cooler. He fought and defeated Videl (Universe 9) after transforming to the fourth transformation of his kind. He later fought bardock of universe 3, having the edge from the start, the 2 fought a long time, but when kold powered up to a 100% the fight was over. He is set to fight bra from universe 16. He is clearly the leader of his universe. Acting as a stict father to his children.
  • Cooler - Along with his brother Frieza, heir to King Cold's empire. However, even after transforming to his unique 5th form, Cooler was still soundly defeated (though deemed not worth killing) by Super Saiyan Trunks (Universe 12). He planned to overthrow his father, but will not carry through with it now that he knows cold mastered his original forms power.
  • Burter - Member of the Ginyu Force, who alleges to be the fastest being in his universe. Burter was quickly defeated by the Southern Kaioshin of Universe 1. He is later killed when nappa trolls freeza, who blasts burters head off with the swipe of his hand. He gets revived at the end of the second round.
  • Jeice - Member of the Ginyu Force, Burter's partner. Jeice was pitted against his own boss, Frieza, in the first round of the tournament, he surrendered before the fight began.Team captain
  • Recoome - Member of the Ginyu Tokusentai. Even thought its assumed that Recoome was killed by Nail of Universe 10 after a hard-fought battle , an interview with Salagir found here states that Recoome survived and is healing up in Freeza's spaceship He has somewhat of an ipiphany after the fight, realizing that he plays around too much during fights and isnt careful.
  • Salza - Member of the Cooler's Armored Squadron. Salza was bifurcated (and killed) by Universe 9's Kulilin's Kienzan in his first match of the tournament. He is later revived at the end of the second tournament, expressing surprise at burters resurrection.

Don't you think you've had enough Coola?

Other Competitors/Spectators

  • Low level soldiers
  • Kui (he wanted to participate, having grown to a power level of 20000. However, he loses a bet against ginyu and cant participate because of it. in actuality, recoome, who doenst like kui, bullied kui into taking the side they both knew would lose. At first kui resents recoome for this, but after their humiliating defeats, hes glad he didnt enter because now he can laugh at their failiiures.
  • Appule
  • Captain Ginyu (inside other body)


  • It is stated in the French official artbook of DBM that no Frost Demon has encountered a Super Saiyan. Another fact is that even though Frieza is in his fourth form in the DBM tournament, it doesn't mean that he needed to transform in his universe. It was only because he didn't want to appear in an inferior form around his brother Cooler.
  • although the saiyan race is as good as dead, freeza ironically missed broly in his genocide of the saiyans, the very thing he tried to destroy. Brol is living a peaceful life in this universe with his father. Lucky for them, pegasus is satisfied with his life and doesnt seek revenge against the frost demons (possibly not wanting to risk exciting broly too much)

Note on Age Difference

Salagir had stated on the lack of age difference for Frieza and the rest of the participants from Universe 8 (due to there being about a 30-year difference since any of them actually appeared). As an explanation for this, Salagir leaves it open to interpretation so that the reader may decide.

Of his options given (P41 comments):

  1. This universe had a 30 years shift along with the others, and these guys slaughtered all of Planet Namek yesterday.
  2. 30 years? That's nothing. With state-of-the-art technologies from Freeza's empire, no one dies from old age any more (could be like Gunnm Last Order, nothing contradicts that in DB)
  3. Freeza's family has a 1000 years life expectancy, and for the Ginyû Squad, er, too, or state of the art technology for very rich people only.

    Frost Demons after Vegetto's show.

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