Universe 8: Get the Dragon Balls back is the thirty-eighth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the seventeenth special.


Kulilin barely manages to break Zarbon's grip with the Taiyoken, then retaliates with a Kienzan that Zarbon almost doesn't avoids. A wounded Zarbon transforms and attacks the Earthlings, leaving them to die while attempting to return to his ship but was soon blasted by Gohan's Masenko, finally falling dead. Gohan runs to Kulilin's aid but collapses from his wounds and wakes up a day later to hear from Bulma that Kulilin has died. They decide to recover the Dragon Balls from Freeza, planning for Nail to distract him while Gohan finds the Dragon Balls.

The Dragon Balls are successfully retrieved and hidden from Freeza, but Nail is defeated and Freeza discovers the ruse, angrily searching for them to no avail. As Porunga is summoned and Dende is about to say the wish to revive Piccolo in order for Earth's Dragon Balls to be restored, Freeza decides to destroy a significant portion of the planet with the Earthlings and the Dragon Balls with them, maniacally stating that they will never be able to bother him again.

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