Universe 8: Quest on Namek, without Vegeta! is the thirty-seventh chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the sixteenth special chapter.


After the long battle on Earth against Vegeta, Kulilin couldn't listen to Goku's plea, decapitating the Saiyan prince without a second's thought. After the survivors healed they decided to go to the Namek's home planet in order to use the original Dragon Balls to revive their deceased comrades, but Vegeta's superiors where listening through his communication device and where aware of their plans, reaching the Namek world before them with Freeza himself who seeks immortality.

The Earthlings met many difficulties, finding themselves with a Namek child named Dende who desperately needed to reach the Grand Elder. Gohan accompanied Dende to the Elder while Kulilin reached one of the remaining villages to find a Dragon Ball. After Kulilin gained the villagers' trust and helped neutralize a soldier from Freeza, Gohan and Dende where found by Dodoria who nearly killed them where it not for Nail who arrived and quickly killed Dodoria. Kulilin and Bulma decide to wait for Goku's arrival while Freeza calls the Ginyu Squad, sending Zarbon to locate and retrieve the remaining Dragon Balls.

The Grand Elder increases Gohan's strength, with the latter wanting to do the same to Kulilin for them to have a chance, but they sense and find Zarbon in a near village, engaging in battle against the elite soldier with little avail, falling victim to the soldier's much greater strength. Zarbon however decides not to kill them in order to ask them where the Dragon Balls and Dodoria are, stating that he will bring them directly to his lord Freeza.

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