Universe 9

Universe 9: Powerful Earthlings

Universe 9 (第9宇宙, Dai kyū uchū) is the designation given by the Vargas of Universe 1 to the universe in which the strongest fighters are all Humans. It is clear that in this universe Krillin succeeded Master Roshi as the Turtle Hermit and seems to be serving as mentor to Yamcha and Tenshinhan.


Not much is known about Universe 9's divergence from the main Dragon Ball timeline. Kulilin has become the new Kamesennin and does not recognize Universe 18's Son Gokū as anything but another bloodthirsty Saiyan. More specifically, in the novel it is higly suggested that the main element of divergence is the fact that Son Gokū was never sent to Earth. So, Tensinhan and Krillin got to know each other because Tien trained under Son Gohan, and Son Gohan introuced Tien to Master Roshi because he was a disciple of Master Roshi himself. The group does seem to recognize Vegeta, Coola (who may have taken a more active role against his group than Freeza in Universe 9), and Babidi. At some point Yamcha was augmented into a cyborg by Dr. Gero and given the designation Artificial Human #17. He was probably selected instead of Lapis and Lazuli who became Artificial Humans #17 & #18 in the standard Dragon Ball timeline. Dr. Gero's motivation for creating the Artificial Humans in Universe 9 is currently unknown as it is implied that Son Gokū never met Kulilin and never engaged in any of the adventures of his Universe 18 counterpart. As such it is unknown who (if anyone) destroyed the Red Ribbon Army, fueling Gero's desire for revenge. However, it is likely that Krillin led the hero group in Universe 9, much like Gokū did in Universe 18. It was confirmed in the novel, that Tien and Krillin died at some point during the course of events, being able to train under King Kai and getting to learn the Kaioken.

However, an official DBM poster shows that they fought Taopaipai, Piccolo Daimao, Vegeta, Coola (and Sauza), Babibi and Dabra. Chaotzu is also on the poster. (


  • Age 794 - The Vargas found this universe and invite the Earthlings to the multiversal tournament.


  • Kulilin - In Universe 9, Kulilin is the Turtle Hermit. It is possible that he was Muten Roshi's only disciple since Son Gokū appears not to have made much of an impact on Earth in Universe 9. In his first round, Kulilin soundly defeated Salza of Universe 8, slicing him in two with a Kienzan. Kulilin's next scheduled fight is against Tapion of Universe 3.
  • Yamcha - This Yamcha is the "Android 17" of his universe through unidentified means, though he was a martial artist for a short time beforehand. He tries to appeal to a version of Android 18 that became a mass murderer and seems to break through to her after surrendering in their battle. Implied through Tien's reaction to Yamcha's loss, Yamcha competed in various tournaments similar to his original counterpart. He is apparently married to Bulma and had a son named Trunks.
  • Tien - Little is known about Universe 9's Tenshinhan other than the fact that he seems close to Kulilin and Yamcha and that he is among the strongest fighters of Universe 9. He has defeated Sun Wukong of Universe 2.
  • Videl - Little is known about her. She fought King Cold from Universe 8 in her first round but she gave up after seeing him transform into his final form. Knows Kaioken. She is dating Yamcha's son, Trunks and the two have a child.


  • Bulma
  • Trunks
  • Elder Kai (Freed from the Z-Sword)


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