The Vargas as they appear in Dragon Ball Multiverse

The Vargas are a race of bird-like people that appear in Dragon Ball Multiverse. They are the race responsible for discovering inter-universal travel. The Vargas in the comic are native to Universe 1.


The Earth...again?


The Vargas stand about four feet tall and are an evolution of the bird family, having many feathers on their heads, talons, and beaks. Although they appear to be a peaceful race, they also enjoy the sport of fighting, as they co-founded the Multiverse Tournament along with the Kaioshin and Namekians.

While the Vargas do not appear to be physically strong, they are shown to be very technologically advanced. Their technology is on par with the technology of Universe 19; they can manipulate the physical properties of the entire Multiverse Tournament arena, make use of a powerful energy shield that can stand up against even the strongest Ki-based attacks, and inadvertently discovered a way to travel between different universes.

The Tournament

The Vargas co-founded the Multiverse Tournament along with the Kaioshin of Universe 1 and the Namekians of multiple universes. The Vargas seem to be in charge of the matches and act as both the commentators and referees. Should a fighter break any of the rules of the tournament the Vargas will immediately send them back to their universe, potentially leaving any comrades who died un-revived.

While they are in fact in charge of the tournament, it should be noted that they do not always pay attention to what goes on outside of the ring.

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