"So what? Do I look like a sissy?"
— Vegeta's cousin, to Vegeta, in "Universe 16: Vegetto's heiresses"

Vegeta's cousin
Screenshot 2015-09-10 at 7.51.03 PM
Debut Page 293
Race Saiyan
  • Unnamed parents
  • King Vegeta (uncle)
  • Unnamed child
  • Vegeta (cousin)
  • Vegetto (half-cousin)
  • Trunks (cousin, once removed)
  • Bra (half-cousin, once removed)
  • Vegeta's cousin from Universe 16 appears in Vegetto's flashback, after Vegetto asked Bulma if she was going to be in bed long after giving birth to Bra. Vegeta's cousin gave birth to a child, unlike her other self from Universe 13. Her name remains unknown.


    Vegeta's cousin shares some resemblance towards Vegeta. She has short, somewhat spiky black hair. She wears Saiyan armor that greatly resembles Vegeta's armor after Freeza's defeat in Universe 18. Like many Saiyans, she has a tail.


    Vegeta's cousin was only shown in one page, but it seems she is very different to Vegeta in terms of personality. Unlike a typical Saiyan, she lacks the violent and sadistic nature of a Saiyan. She greets her cousin with kindness, calling him "little prince".

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